Authors : M. Geetha , K. Suguna , P. M. Anbarasan , V. Aroulmoji ,

Pure and Al-doped anatase TiO2 nanoparticles are prepared by an acid tailored sol-gel method and successfully used as a photoanode for dye-sensitized solar cells (DSSCs). The samples were characterized by using powder XRD, FE-SEM with EDX, UV-DRS, and Current-Voltage curve. After Al doping, the... Read More

Authors : K. M. Govindaraju , A.S. Singha , R.K. Jarial ,

Methacrylate based copolymers have attracted a great deal of interest because of their environmental friendly organic coatings for anticorrosive application. Poly ((N-methacryloyloxymethyl) benzotriazole-co-phenoxyethyl methacrylate) has synthesized by free radical polymerization technique... Read More

Authors : P. MohanRaj , M. Kamaraj , M. Govarthanan , V. Aroulmoji , C. Sudhakar , T. Selvankumar ,

Industrial activities are the major factor causing the water pollution and degradation of the environment around us. Sugar industry play important role in economic development of country but the effluent releases from the industry posses... Read More

Authors : B. Anand , S.Chitra , R.Vadiyanathan , V.Balasubramanian ,

The inhibitor efficiency of Formazan derivative of p-dimethyl amino benzaldehyde (FD) and Formazan of benzaldehyde (FB) on the corrosion of mild steel in acidic medium of 1M H2SO4 has been investigated using weight loss measurements and FT-IR spectroscopic techniques. From this analysis it showed that FD and FB... Read More

Authors : P. MohanRaj , M. Kamaraj , M. Govarthanan , T. Selvan Kumar ,

Indiscriminate and uncontrolled discharge of industrial effluents into the environment has become an issue of major concern worldwide. Paper industry is one of the most water and energy consuming industries in the world. Disposal strategy of solid wastes generated paper... Read More

Authors : Usha Sayed , Prince Dabhi ,

Flurochemicals have its applications in many fields, as in firefighting, electroplating and electronics industries. A number of novel approaches using flurochemicals in textile processing are a portent area for better marketing of textile goods. Value added finishing of textiles is a new development in textiles processing and these flurochemical finishes impart water repellency, oil repellency, soil... Read More

Authors : Sukhwinder K , Bhullar , Ayse Bedeloglu , Martin B.G. Jun ,

Innovation of late has been focused on design and detailed understanding of the physical and mechanical properties required to design improvised medical devices such as scaffolds, stents, implants and prostheses with biocompatible biomaterial. To improve performance and extend life of medical devices, thermophysical, chemical,... Read More

Authors : T. Selvankumar , C. Sudakar , K. Selvam , M. Govarthanan , B. Senthil Kumar , P. M. Anbarasan , S. Kamala Kannan ,

Optimization of citric acid production by Aspergillus niger isolated from soil was studied by solid state fermentation with Coffee husk (CH) and Lemon Peel Pomace (LPP). Box?Behnken design (BBD) was used to optimize the... Read More

Authors : G. Vidyadharani , R. Dhandapani ,

Microalgae biodiesel can be a suitable alternative for fossil fuel in future. They are considered as better third generation biodiesel feed stock and can adapt in wide variety of environ-ment and adverse environment such as domestic and industrial effluents. Hence selection of oleagi-nous microalgae based on native biomass and lipid production is... Read More

Authors : K. M. Prabu , K. Suguna , P. M. Anbarasan , T. Selvankumar , V. Aroulmoji ,

Hazardous chemicals escape into the environment due to many natural and manmade activities. They cause adverse effects on human health and environment. Natural dye-sensitized solar cells (NDSSCs) have gained considerable attention in the field of solar energy due to their simple fabrication, good... Read More

Authors : M. Vikramathithan , R. Dhandapani ,

The protease producing halophilic bacteria were isolated from the banks of different regions of the Indian Ocean near Chennai. In the preliminary screening twelve halophilic bacterial isolates exhibited protease production. Protease enzyme was produced and its activity was assessed through Kunitz assay method. Among them one isolate was taken and identified by... Read More

Authors : T. Silambarasan , M.D. Bala Kumaran , P.T. Kalaichelvan , R. Dhandapani ,

An investigation on the antioxidant and antiproliferative activities of Scenedesmus obliquus RDS01, a freshwater unicellular alga was carried out. The methanolic extract from the dried sample of Scenedesmus obliquus RDS01 was prepared and examined for its phenolic compounds. The sample... Read More

Authors : P. M. Anbarasan , L. Arivuselvam , D. Sakthi , P. Sakthivel , S. Selvanandan , S.K. Bhullar , V. Aroulmoji ,

An investigation of the heat transfer dependence for 3 DSSC (Dye Sensitized Solar Cells) modules in presence of Cocinia Indica, Eclipta Alba and Solanum Melongena Dye and 3 commercial microcrystalline flat type silicon solar cell, V-grooved Si-cell without Microlens... Read More

Authors : S. Priyanka S, J.V. Priya , S.V. Rajesh , G. Prabhakaran , T.S. Gnanendra ,

Couroupita guianensis that belongs to the Lecythidaceae family and it is widely used as a traditional medicine. Couroupita guianensis (Lecythidaceae), is a medicinal plant which is endowed with curative properties including anti-fungal, anti-biotic, anti-septic, analgesic, anti-malarial... Read More

Authors : J. Cyril Robinson Cyril Robinson, Rosilin George , U. Satheesh , P. Prakash , D. Devaprakasam ,

Self Assembled Organic Monolayers such as organosilanes and Inorganic monolayers such as dichalcogenide semiconductor materials attracts wide research interest for potential nanoelectronics applications. We studied the scaling limit of Organic Monolayer such as... Read More

Authors : V. Aroulmoji aroulmoji, M. Bergamin , R. Marega , E. Murano ,

The study of the interactions of drugs with plasmatic proteins is of fundamental importance for the understanding of their biological applications and effects. The classical analytical techniques employed for the characterization of the degree of binding in such ligand/receptor... Read More

Authors : L. Arivuselvam L, D. Sakthi , P. Sakthivel , P. M. Anbarasan , V. Aroulmoji ,

A relative normalized irradiance-dependent efficiency of photovoltaic modules is recommended as an objective means of quantifying their behaviour under variable irradiance conditions. It allows users to decouple the irradiance-dependent behaviour of photovoltaic modules from their temperature... Read More

Authors : S. Kumarganesh M, M. Suganthi M,

The arrival of auto stereoscopic displays demands for the efficient compression of video which can acquire forward compatibility. CT or MRI Medical imaging produces digital form of human body pictures. There exists a need for compression of these images for storage and communication purposes. Current compression schemes provide a very high compression rate... Read More

Authors : N. Sakthivel L, A. Santhakumar , P. M. Anbarasan ,

This paper presents the growth of optically non-linear organic crystal Glutamic acid using water by slow evaporation of aqueous solution at room temperature. The compound crystallizes in non-centrosymmetric space group P21/C. The FT-IR spectrum was recorded using a Perkin-Elmer FT-IR spectrometer.... Read More

Authors : MPawenimana Innocent Innocent, Thangaswamy Selvankumar , NDuwayo Fidele , Arumugam Sengottaiyan ,

The biopolymer production with carbon and nitrogen sources plays a significant role as the biodegradable plastics. In the present study, eight bacterial strains were isolated from the milk waste amended in soil. The strains were identified on the basis of their morphological,... Read More

Authors : P. Srinivasan P, S.Sudhakar M, A. Sengottaiyan , P. Subramani , C. Sudhakar , Koildhasan Manoharan , P. Thiyagarajan ,

In the present study, silver nanoparticles were synthesized using flower extract of Cassia auriculata as a reducing agent by a simple and eco-friendly route. The aqueous silver ions when exposed to flower broth were reduced and resulted... Read More

Authors : S. Sudhakar M, A. Sengottaiyan , Koildasan Manoharan , C. Sudhakar ,

Prosophis juliflora (Sw.) DC. commonly known as “mesquite” is a native tree of tropical America and is naturalized in many countries including Egypt and India. In the present study, the antimicrobial activities of acetone, chloroform, diethyl ether, methanol, ethanol and DMSO extract of P. juliflora was studies. The... Read More

Authors : R. Selva Kumar R, V. Chandrasekaran ,

The effect of marine algae chaetomorpha antennia extract on corrosion inhibition of brass in phosphoric acid was investigated by weight-loss measurements. The inhibition efficiency is found to increase with increasing concentration of extract and the inhibition efficiency decreases with rise in temperature. The activation... Read More

Authors : Usha Sayed M, Rina Tiwari , Prince Dabhi ,

Ultraviolet rays constitute a very low fraction in the solar spectrum but influence all living organisms and their metabolisms and these radiations can cause a range of effects from simple tanning to highly malignant skin cancers, if unprotected. This paper summarizes the interaction between ultraviolet radiation and textile surfaces and reviews the recent researches focused on... Read More

Authors : M. Poonkothai Poonkoahai,

Release of toxic heavy metals as a result of industrial activities into the environment pose hazardous effects to aquatic and terrestrial organisms. Bioremediation, a biological processes degrade, break down, transform, and/or essentially remove contaminants or impairments of quality from soil and water. It is a natural process which relies on bacteria, fungi and algae... Read More

Authors : K. Suguna K, P.B. Nagabalasubramanian PB, P.M. Anbarasan PMA, R. Rengaiyan R,

β,ε-carotene-3,3’-diol (Lutein) extracted from the leaves of Murraya Koeniggi was subjected to acetone, ethanol and methanol and the effect of solvents on the... Read More

Authors : J.V. Priya JV, A. Soma Prabha A, S.V. Rajesh SV, V. Aroulmoji V, T.S. Gnanendra TS,

Ebola virus is a single-stranded, negative-sense RNA virus that causes severe hemorrhagic fever. The outbreak of Ebola infections in West Africa during 2014 has expanded exponentially with a doubling period of 34.8 days, resulting 83% mortality rate as it exhibited resistance... Read More

Authors : Eman A. Bydoon Eman, Shereen O. Bahlool Shereen , Salah M. Saleh Salah ,

The properties of cotton fabrics after plasma sputtering treatment were investigated. Argon, nitrogen and oxygen were used as the working gases in the system, and the results were compared. The direct dye was used for the dyeing. Chemical composition of the treated cotton surface specimens was evaluated with Fourier transform... Read More

Authors : Fatma Boukid Fatma, Zayneb Boukid Zayneb, Mondher Mejri Mondher,

This study investigated the Opuntia ficus indica enermis cladodes water vapor sorption and drying process at different temperatures (60, 70 and 80 °C). The sorption isotherm followed a type II (sigmoidal: S shape) shape and thermal hysteresis effect with no intersection in curves for all three temperatures. The... Read More

Authors : Fatma Boukid Fatma, Zayneb Boukid Zayneb, Mondher Mejri Mondher,

Physicochemical and functional properties of Opuntia cladodes were investigated to evaluate the effect of drying temperatures and the possibility for its application in formulation of rolled cake of cladode flour. The three powders obtained by three drying... Read More

Authors : D. Shoba D, S. Periandy S, P. Gayathri P,

The spectra of 1-bromo-4-methylnaphthalene have been analyzed in the region 4000–400 and 4000–100 cm−1for FTIR and FT-Raman respectively. The optimized geometry, fundamental vibrational frequency and intensity of the vibrational bands of title compound were evaluated... Read More

Authors : Salah M. Saleh Salah, Abd El-Baset Y. A Abd,

Biosynthesis of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) by banana leaf extracts was achieved. Plant extracts are not expensive and ecofriendly and thus can be an economic and efficient alternative for the large-scale synthesis of nanoparticles. The AgNPs formed by reaction of banana leaf... Read More

Authors : H. Lilly Beaulah Lilly, R. Samson Ravindran Samson ,

In the image retrieval, user must search a database of many thousands, or millions, of images. User goals vary to find a particular image. The optimal interface would provide a very flexible query mechanism, perhaps through a natural language interface. In fact, many “search engines” currently provide such an interface to... Read More

Authors : Usha Sayed Sayed, Sneha Parte Parte,

In the past, there has been no simple technical solution for recycling non woven process waste, which consists of side trim and reject rolls. They have been sent to landfill or in the best case incinerated for energy recovery. The objective of this review is to recycle non woven fabric waste from different sources such as medical gown, napkins, tissue paper, diapers, sanitary wipes and other disposable... Read More

Authors : Andrews Samraj,

The Video games are a happy entertainment for any person and makes them feel entertained, euphoria, and awe. When played in groups, it gives personal pride, feeling emotionally close to another player, surprise, curiosity, excitement, and wonder. Many of such video games give relief for a while during stressful situations by the effective... Read More

Authors : Prabu K.M, Anbarasan P.M,

With the world heating towards a major fuel crisis (storage and cost), alternative sources of fuel has become a major research area recently, in almost all disciplines of science. The nuclear and hydrogen based posing problems for use, much attention has now been focused on other non-conventional energy like wind, water, geothermal and solar... Read More

Authors : Sambandan K, Nagabalasubramanian P.B, Vijayalakshmi S,

The synthesis of metal and semiconductor nanoparticles is an expanding research area due to the potential applications for the development of novel technologies. There is an increasing commercial demand for nanoparticles due to their wide applicability in various... Read More

Authors : Sathiya Priya R, Geetha D, Ramesh PS,

The photocatalytic response of the biosynthesized AgNPs from Pongamia pinnata, Psidium guajava and Carica papaya were studied. The performance of a photo decolorization reaction was determined by the quality and property of the photocatalyst. The photocatalytic activity of the synthesized AgNPs was examined... Read More

Authors : Salah M.Saleh, Abdel-Rahim EA, Ahmed SH, Abdel-Baset YA,

Two- year comparison between organic and conventional production on seed and fiber quality of the long stable variety of Egyptian cotton Giza 86 was studied. The results obtained revealed that the quality of organically grown cotton was equal to or better than conventionally grown cotton. Fineness and maturity... Read More

Authors : Mozhgan Hosseinnezhad, Kamaladin Gharanjig,

Two different natural dyes containing anthocyanin extracted from cherry and beetroot from Iran. Spectrophotometric evaluations of the natural dyes in solution and on a TiO2 substrate were carried out in order to assess changes in the status of the natural dyes. The results show that the natural dyes indicate blue shift on the TiO2 substrates.... Read More

Authors : Govindarasu K, Kavitha E, Sundaraganesan N, Suresh M, Syed Ali Padusha M,

The solitary crystal of proficient novel Hydrazone derivative (E)-N’-(3,4-Dimethoxybenzylidene)-nicotinohydrazide monohydrate DMBNH∙H2O crystal has been grown, the... Read More

Authors : Prabakaran K, Ramachandran S, Rajesh KB, Anbarasan PM, Aroulmoji V,

We study the focusing properties of phase modulated azimuthally polarized beam with high numerical aperture lens axicon system is investigated theoretically by vector diffraction theory. We observe that our proposed system generates a sub wavelength focal hole of 0.4λ having large uniform focal depth... Read More

Authors : Elgazery M, Salah M. Saleh, Saad HA,

A newly developed method for synthesized and characterized nanocotton extracted from linter (short fibers during the spinning processes from the Egyptian cotton long fibers) was investigated. Acid hydrolysis followed by mechanical pulverized and finally 20 KHz high power ultrasonic was used in synthesized of the nanocotton. Characterization of the prepared sample... Read More

Authors : Amalraj D,

Methodology of teaching varies from one teacher to another teacher. The one followed in Arts and Science Colleges is quite different from the one followed in Professional colleges. The guidelines of methodology can never be fruitful in practice and it is useful for those who come and teach the teachers how to take classes as per the guidelines. One should be very practical in teaching... Read More

Authors : Usha Sayed, Kanchan Sharma,

Static electricity is a common problem in the world of polymers, which themselves act as electrical insulators. Static electricity causes the surfaces to pick-up dust or to stick to each other. A more dangerous consequence is its sudden discharge which, for example, can lead to a dust explosion. This paper suggests the remedies such as the addition of an antistatic agent to the base polymer.... Read More

Authors : S Govindarajan, P.B Nagabalasubramanian,

The molecular structure of 4-methoxybenzaldehyde (4MBA) was optimized by the DFT/B3LYP method with 6-311++G(d,p) basis set. The complete vibrational assignment and analysis of the fundamental modes of the compound are carried out using the experimental FTIR and FT-Raman spectra. The stability of the... Read More

Authors : R Thirumalaisamy, M Vaijayanthimala, S Govindaraju, A Subramanian,

The emergence of multi-drug resistant bacteria across the globe led the search for new and novel potential compounds from plant sources. In the present study phytochemical constituents from different extracts (Aqueous, methanol and petroleum ether) of Madhuca longifolia leaves were explored. The Preliminary qualitative... Read More

Authors : M Prakasam, A Arunkumar, A Priyadharsan, D Nicksonsebastin, P.M Anbarasan,

Based on quantum chemical calculations, we studied Anthracene ‐based dye for the Dye Sensitized Solar Cells (DSSCs) application. The D-π-A moieties of the designed organic dye molecule were optimized and absorption properties have been investigated by Density Functional Theory (DFT) and... Read More

Authors : S Ramadevi, K Kalaiarasi,

The current study deals with the extraction of dye from Ricinus communis leaves using microwave assisted extraction technique and the colour yield was compared with conventional method. Factors affecting dye extraction such as extraction time, temperature, dye source concentration, pH and irradiation power was studied. The selected cotton fabric... Read More

Authors : Ramachandran S, Prabakaran K, Velraj G,

In this present study, the molecular structure and spectroscopic properties of 4-(4-chlorophenyl)-4-hydroxypiperidine (44C4HP, C11H14ClNO) were characterized by FT-IR, FT-Raman and UV–vis spectroscopy. FT-IR and FT-Raman spectra in solid state were observed in the region 4000–400 cm1 and 4000–100 cm1,... Read More

Authors : N Sampath Kumar,

English is a charismatic language that it attracts people across the universe, cutting the barriers of Nationality, Religion, Color, Creed, Caste and Community. There is undoubtedly a universal craze for the language among all non-native English speakers.

Authors : Dhavamani C, Rajan A.B.K, Sivakumar P,

Automotive, aircraft and train companies need to replace steel and cast iron in mechanical components with lighter high strength alloys like Al metal matrix composites (MMC).Experiments were carried out on Radial Drilling Machine. A plan of experiments, based on the techniques of Taguchi was performed. In this study drilling of Aluminium Silicon... Read More

Authors : Chittaranjan Das V,

In the present work, Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)) was employed to machine EN-31 (AISI 52100) tool steel with copper electrode by adopting response surface methodology. To study the process performance of material removal rate( Volume of material removed per minute) and surface roughness (average roughness of machined... Read More

Authors : Rajesh Shankar Priya,

A successful industrial economy based on Technology products in a country like Germany is based on consistent methodologies, practices and a steady stream of innovative dialogues from different disciplines of science including humanities. This paper will highlight the importance of social science in the development of an industrialized concept and the sudden decline of social... Read More

Authors : Anitha Devi D, Roja E, Uma M.K,

In this paper, we introduce maximal smooth fuzzy centred system, the smooth fuzzy space q(R). Also extremally disconnectedness in smooth fuzzy centred system and its properties are studied.

Authors : Poonkothai M, Shyamala Vijayavathi B,

Protection of environment is of huge alarm because the discharge of heavy metals as effluent from the metal finishing, electroplating and metal extraction process has amplified and they cause dangerous problems to human beings. Biosorption using microorganisms as bioadsorbent for the elimination of heavy metals appears to be a... Read More

Authors : Justin D Clifton, Vimal. P, Veena V.V, Rajapriya R, Pandian T.J,

In vertebrates, microbes colonize gut since birth but significantly alter host physiology, immunity and metabolism. Recently, zebrafish, Danio rerio has become an excellent model for gnotobiotic research for investigating metabolic disorders. Zebrafish offers the possibility to raise germ free or gnotobiotic larvae for... Read More

Authors : Rathika Rajiniganth, Srinivasan, P, Sudhakar, C, Selvankumar, T,

Naturally plants are exposed with many adverse environmental conditions like biotic and abiotic stress. Despite all other stresses, heavy metal stress is one of great importance which has a notable adverse effect on crop productivity and growth. Agricultural crops also have the ability to uptake... Read More

Authors : Justin David C,

Selective breeding, hybridization, triploidy and tetraploidy by heterospecific insemination are genetic methods for generating male or female population capable of producing diploid (2n) or triploid (3n) gametes. The generated allotetraploids (4n) will thus serve as gamete providers for generating auto and... Read More

Authors : Justin D C,

Androgenetic clones were generated by fertilizing genome inactivated eggs with fresh or cryopreserved sperm of Gymnocorymbus ternetzi (Boulenger, 1895) followed by thermal shocking of embryos to arrest Ist mitotic division for diploidization. Androgenesis may be useful for resurrecting an extinct species when only males are... Read More

Authors : Usha Sayed,, Harshit Jain, , Sairohit Raghupathy,

Flame retardant materials are materials that inhibit combustion thereby preventing the spread of fire. They are extensively used in fire fighting equipment, apparels worn by armed forces,security personnel and in places where there is a huge risk of explosions. Limiting oxygen index (LOI) of a material is the measure of its flame retardancy. Oxidised... Read More

Authors : N Rajamanickam, K Ramachandran,

Magnesium oxide (MgO) nanostructures were synthesized by hydrothermal method and investigated for the influence of temperature on the structural and optical properties. Morphological analysis by SEM reveals the formations of nanobelts (NB) and porous nanobelts (PNB). Optical properties were investigated by UV-vis and FTIR spectroscopy. The absorption spectra of MgO... Read More

Authors : K Prabakaran, K.B Rajesh, V Hariharan, V Aroulmoji, P.M Anbarasan, A Mohamed Musthafa,

We investigated the focusing properties of a radially polarized multi gaussian beam through an annular high Numerical Aperture (NA) objective lens based on vector diffraction theory. It is observed that our proposed system can generate sub wavelength focal spot segment with long... Read More

Authors : D Sakthia, M Prakasam, A Prakasam, S Sivakumar, P.M Anbarasan,

In this work, the vibrational characteristics of 2-Amino-6-Nitrobenzothiazole have been investigated. The structure of the molecule have been optimized by density functional theory B3LYP method with 6-311++G(d,p) basis set. The Raman and infrared spectra have been... Read More

Authors : R Gobi, R Poonguzhali, N Shanmugam, G Viruthagiri, A Senthilkumar,

Herein, we develop the first flexible, low-cost and high-performance hybrid electrode based on MnO2 and various levels of Ni doped MnO2 by employing a chemical precipitation method and characterized by various techniques. The X-ray diffraction patterns indexed to the tetragonal structure... Read More

Authors : K Vidhya, E Geethamozhi , L Vijayan, S Mani Shankar,

The main objective of this paper is to find out alternative materials for concrete to meet the demands of coarse aggregate for the upcoming years, to provide adequate strength at minimum cost, to make the eco-friendly structures. In the present study, blast furnace steel slag is used in concrete grade of M60 with W/C... Read More

Authors : C Justin David, R Rajapriya, V Veena, G Kumaresan,

Obesity is a non-communicable, multifactorial disorder characterized by relentless differentiation and accumulation of white adipose tissue (WAT) culminating in co-morbidities such as Type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular disorders (CVDs). Consumption of cholesterol rich diet and lack of physical activity in coordination with Sterol Regulatory Element Binding... Read More

Authors : J Senthilmanickam, A Sabaridasan , R Soranam,

Water is one of the most important systems formed by the interaction of a community of organisms. It is necessary for the best adaption to the environment of all living things plant or animal life. Environmental pollutants originating from diverse sources have been known to possess... Read More

Authors : A Sumithra , P Vijayalakshmi,

The most prominent gram negative bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa that exist as a prevalent human pathogen emerged as a multidrug pathogen by expressing the formation of biofilm. These multiple drug resistant has become a major threat for current medical treatments. As the P.aeruginosa continues to develop resistance to the antibiotics... Read More

Authors : Rajesh Shankar Priya, Vincent Aroulmoji,

The aim of this article is to navigate through key questions required for application oriented research writing. The main research work is expected to commence, if the research questions derived do not solve an existing problem or if there are no clear evidences of any contribution to this particular field of Knowledge. The interrelationship between theory and practice will be... Read More

Authors : Chinnappan Sudhakar, Thangaswamy Selvankumar, Kandasamy Selvam , Munisamy Govindaraju,

An organic dye has become a viable alternative to expensive natural sensitizers because of their low cost of production, abundant in supply, and eco-friendliness. In this study investigates the relationship between the performance of a dye-sensitized solar cell (DSSC)... Read More

Authors : J.S Devrenjith Singh, Alfred Kirubai Raj, S.K Suresh Babu, D Devaprakasam,

Gnome X Scanning Microscopy (GXSM) is a full featured and modern scanning probe microscopy (SPM) software. It can be used for powerful multidimensional image/data processing, analysis, and visualization. We connected to an SPM instrument and found that it can operate and control different... Read More

Authors : S Sumathi,

This paper presents an innovative approach to the feature extraction for reliable heart rhythm recognition. This classification of the system is comprised of three stages including data acquisition, preprocessing, feature extraction and classification of ECG signals. The first step is Preprocessing of ECGs which removes noise by using adaptive filters. Two different feature extraction... Read More

Authors : T Thilagavathi, R Renuka, R Sathiya Priya,

The physical and chemical method employed in production of silver nanoparticles is expensive and the reagents used are toxic. This paper deals with the production of silver nanoparticles using biological compounds by biosynthesis method. Silver nitrate is reduced by the peel extracts of... Read More

Authors : P Suresh Kumar, S Meenakshi,

Fetal heart abnormalities were the most common congenital anomalies and it caused the infant to have defects by birth. The fetal cardiac structure was small and due to fast movements the early diagnosis was too difficult. In this report the abnormalities were determined from fetal abdominal ECG. Initially pre... Read More

Authors : A Krishnaraju, R Ramkumar, V.R Lenin,

Composite materials are used in utmost all aspects of the industry and commercial fields such as in aircraft, ships, common vehicles, etc. The most attractive properties of such materials include high strength-toweight ratio and high stiffness-to weight ratio. In this paper, a composite cantilever beam specimen of size 300... Read More

Authors : Andrews Samraj, S Prabhakaran, K Rajendran,

Therapeutic exercises given to special children are essential to keep their health steady and limbs active. Such exercises are repetitive, time consuming, monotonous, and tiresome for both the child and the therapist. In this work a new method is suggested interesting. The caregivers and medical personnel such treatment methodology. The system proposed by... Read More

Authors : T Jesudas, RM Arunachalam, D Prabhakaran, PT Yogarajan,

This paper describes the micro EDM process performance parameter study on Overcut while drilling micro hole on 316L stainless steel. The important parameters such as voltage, capacitance and Sparkgap are considered for micro hole drilling. Totally 27 experiments were conducted to study the selected parameters effects. The results clearly... Read More

Authors : Meriem THABET, Fatma BOUKID, Mondher MEJRI,

Pearl millet starches isolation and properties from four Tunisian millet varieties have been fully characterized. Physical evaluation showed that water vapor adsorption isotherms of millet starches had a sigmoid shape curves fitting perfectly to GAB model. Moreover, significant... Read More

Authors : P Prabakaran, M Victor Antony Raj, J Madhavan,

Large-scale novel SnO2/ZnSnO3 microspheres were successfully synthesized by a simple hydrothermal method with with the interaction of UV radiation. The polarization mechanism in accordance with an applied electric field was examined. Important dielectric parameters like dielectric constant, dielectric loss and ac conductivity are discussedthe help... Read More

Authors : Fatma BOUKID , Amel BEN JALLOUL, Meriem THABET, Mondher MEJRI ,

Pearl millet is an important source of nutrients for human diet. In the present study, four wild and improved Tunisian pearl millet varieties were evaluated in terms of their nutritional composition and rheological behaviors. The nutritional composition... Read More

Authors : R Sathiya priya, D Geetha, P.S Ramesh,

Advancement of biological process of nanoparticle synthesis is evolving into a key area of nanotechnology. Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles has been achieved using environmentally acceptable plant extract. The present research focuses on a rapid and eco-friendly method for green synthesis of... Read More

Authors : V Hariharan, V Aroulmoji, C Sekar, R. S Bhuvaneshwari, V Pathmavathi, K Kavina, A Anbalagan,

The present work presents the synthesis and characterizations of Polyethylene glycol (PEG) assisted tungsten oxide (WO3) nanoparticles as surfactant by simple household microwave irradiation (2.45 GHz) method. The samples were characterized using powder X-ray diffraction... Read More

Authors : Usha A Sayed, Abhishek Shirsat, Adhiraj Shinde, Ashwariya Lahariya,

The precursor fibre should possess the required properties to be heat treated to form carbon fibres. The polyacrylonitrile (PAN) precursor fibre properties are hugely dependent on wet-spinning and post wet-spinning finishes. The temperature and stretch... Read More

Authors : R Vishnu Priya, J Suresh, J Ranjani, R Sankarnarayanan,

Spiro acenapthene derivatives are structurally diverse group of compounds that show the wide range of antituberculosis activity. The computational evaluation of spiro acenapthene derivatives as rpoB protein from Mycobacterium tuberculosis inhibitor has... Read More

Authors : V Hariharan, V Aroulmoji, C Sekar, A Shanthakumar, M Kumara Dhas, Edinbero Komagan, K Kalamegam,

This paper presents synthesis and characterization of tungsten oxide (WO3) nanoparticles using EDTA as surfactant by simple household microwave irradiation (2.45 GHz) method. The samples were characterized using powder X-ray diffraction (XRD), transmission electron microscopy... Read More

Authors : R Vennila, P Kamaraj , K Rajeswari, G Karthick, V Hariharan, V Aroulmoji,

The objective of the present paper deals the synthesis and characterization of Pure and Barium doped lead sulphide (PbS) nanoparticles using facile chemical precipitation method with the concentrations of 1wt.%, 3 wt.% and 5wt.% respectively. The prepared barium doped... Read More

Authors : S Nagapavithra , S Umamaheswari,

Research on PFC (Power Factor Corrected) converters for attaining an improved power quality at the AC mains became popular after the stringent limits were imposed by international power quality standards such as IEEE – 519 and IEC-61000-3-2. Power quality indices such as PF (Power Factor), DPF (Displacement Power Factor), THD (Total Harmonic... Read More

Authors : N Zulfareen, K Kannan, T Venugopal, S Anbuselvi ,

Ethanol extract of Prosopis Juliflora was investigated as an inhibitor for mild steel corrosion in 1M HCl using different techniques like weight loss, potentiodynamic polarization, and electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS). Weight loss method implies that efficiency of inhibitor increases with increase of concentration and... Read More

Authors : Vivek Anand , Saurav Kumar, A Neela Madheswari,

Machine learning is a subfield of computer science that evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence. The focus of this paper is based on the student’s result, which is a data science work and applying the concept of machine learning. Nowadays at the end of every year or semester in the... Read More

Authors : S. A. Sayed, Salah M. Saleh, Abdelrahman M. Abo-Elyousr,

Textile industrial waste water was difficult to be treated by conventional processes as most of the pollutants were non-biodegradable and were toxic. This paper reviewed Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) like calcium hypochlorite; UV radiation and their combination with coagulant polymer, sand filtration, activated carbon filter... Read More

Authors : H Lilly Beaulah ,

Data Mining is one of the most motivating areas of research that is become increasingly popular in health organization. In this paper, we present a brief introduction and focused to compare a variety of techniques, approaches and different tools and its impact on the healthcare sector. The Data Mining plays an important role for uncovering new trends in... Read More

Authors : Usha A Sayed, Abhishek Shirsat, Adhiraj Shinde, Ashwariya Lahariya,

Any precursor used to make carbon fibres is subjected to very high temperatures to remove all the elements except carbon. The type of precursor to be used, the orientation of polymer chains within the structure and the tensile strength are of highest priority. The selection of co-monomers, the ideal path... Read More