Volume - 4, Issue - 2   December 2017

Authors : R. Mansoor Kazemimoghadam, Zahra Amiri Rigi,

Zeolite membranes have uniform and molecular-sized pores that separate molecules based on the differences in the molecules’ adsorption and diffusion properties. Strong electrostatic interaction between ionic sites and water molecules (due to its highly polar nature) makes the zeolite NaA membrane very hydrophilic. Zeolite NaA... Read More

Authors : R. Sathiya Priya, D. Geetha, P.S. Ramesh, V. Aroulmoji,

Silver nanoparticles were synthesized at four different calcinations temperature viz., 150°C, 200°C, 250°C and 300°C by chemical reduction method. Silver nitrate was taken as precursor and sodium citrate as a reducing agent. The prepared silver nanoparticles were identified by UV-Vis absorption... Read More

Authors : I. Ragavan, A. Prakasam, P.M. Anbarasan,

The structural, electronic, and spectroscopic properties of 4-Methyl-3-nitropyridine-1-carbonitrile (4MNC) have been investigated from theoretical and vibrational spectroscopic point of view employing quantum chemical method utilizing GAUSSIAN 09. A detailed study of... Read More

Authors : G. Kavya,

Recently, the application fields of the embedded system have got expanded and the system complexity got increased. This has led to the need of high performance applications that use System on a programmable chip (SoPC). The integration of several hardware modules on a single chip is called SoPC, a single chip solution. This paper deals with the design of Nios II soft core... Read More

Authors : V. Kalaiselvi, R. Mathammal, P. Anitha,

Calcium Phosphate is an attractive biomedical materials owing to their excellent biocompatibility and non- toxicity of their chemical components. It exists in different crystalline phases and different Ca/P ratios, such as Hydroxyapatite, Octacalcium phosphate and Tricalcium phosphate. Among the Calcium Phosphate, Hydroxyapatite ... Read More

Authors : V. Ananthan, S. Kandasamy,

We find asymptotic estimates of fundamental solutions of third order Difference equation y(n+3)-(2+e^(-n-2) )y(n+2)-(1+1/(n^2+1))y(n+1)+2y(n)=0

Authors : Mansoor Kazemimoghadam,

The liquid-phase catalytic hydrogenation of dimethyl-nitrobenzene (DN) to Dimethyl-aniline (DA) was carried out in ethanol using 5% Pd/C as a catalyst. The effects of hydrogen partial pressure (400–1000 kPa), reaction temperature (343–403⁰K), catalyst loading (5–15 g/lit), speed of stirring range (200-800 rpm) and dimethyl-nitrobenzene concentration (0.12–0.75 mol/lit) on the... Read More

Authors : U. Mohamed Faizal, V. Ajith,

The article is about to reduce the transportation cost of an outsourcing component which has the main usage for testing. It involves five sub-contractors in order to complete the required demand. A main contractor whose job is to manufacture valves for various customers will outsource some of its work with these sub-contractors. A simple... Read More

Authors : E. Poongothai , G, Thangaraj,

In this paper, the concepts of fuzzy supra pre σ-nowhere dense set, fuzzy supra pre σ-first category set and fuzzy supra pre σ-second category set in fuzzy topological spaces are introduced and studied. By means of fuzzy supra pre σ-nowhere dense sets, the concept of fuzzy supra pre σ-Baire space is defined and several characterizations of fuzzy supra pre σ-Baire spaces are studied. Several... Read More

Authors : Mansoor Kazemimoghadam, Zahra Amiri,

The researcher in this study used a Feed Forward multilayer perceptron neural network with a back propagation algorithm and Levenberg-Marquardt function with two inputs and two outputs. The Tansig transfer function was used for the hidden layer and Purelin was used for the output layer; five neurons were defined for the hidden... Read More

Authors : Manjunath G. Prasad, S.N. Timmanagoudar, Sandeep Dhaduti, A.G. Girimath, Sharath Rao, A.J. Vinekar, D.C. Patil , S.N. Mathad,

This paper represents vibration analysis of Sisal fiber reinforced epoxy based composites using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) analyzer. The composites were prepared by melt-mixing method, followed by compression molding process. The percentage of sisal fiber is... Read More

Authors : R. Rajarajeshwari, T. Selvankumar, B. Mythili Gnanamangai, G. Gohila, R. Mohanraj,

Recently, Heptapleurum stellatum is commonly known in India as Umbrella tree, has a wide range of medicinal uses. This study aimed to evaluate the phytoconstituents, antioxidant activities, total phenolic content and its compound characterization in leaves. Phytochemical... Read More