Abstract :

Portable monitoring and controlling unit for electrical motor is an innovative idea to evaluate the performance of motors by measuring various parameters using Arduino controller for the motor under consideration namely, transformer and motor. The present concept displays the performance on the screen making the user to know about the current situation and its best operation with regards to process efficiency and energy consumption. This provides basic information about the motor’s health. The early detection and diagnosis of anomalies is a critical factor and is addressed by the real time view of the data on the screen. The concept and the work set up clearly throws the light on internal conditions and probable failures in the near future leading to proactive thinking. Although electrical motors are reliable, they are subjected to some undesirable stresses causing faults resulting in failure. The interactive message and display on the screen encourage the operator to initiate innovative operational practices or intelligent mode of operation of motor to conserve energy and life of motors. Monitoring of an electrical motor is an upcoming technology for the performance view and the detection of initial faults so that it avoids unpredicted failure and break down of an industrial process. This will also help the operator and maintenance peoples to diagnose the failure or causes very easily and early