Abstract :

Air pollution in the city of Kolkata is an indispensible issue which is becoming an acute urban malady and affecting the livelihoods of susceptible individuals in the city’s growing population. Acute respiratory symptoms are frequently seen in the susceptible groups of the population which are characterized by respiratory distress, tachypnea, shortness of breath, acute interstitial pneumonia. Monitoring Air Pollution in a polluted locality of the city reveals that the concentration of PM10, PM2.5, SO2 and NO2is between (36.70 - 163.7) μg/m3,(20.40-81.00) μg/m3, (2.36-10.28) μg/m3 and (15.68-36.23) μg/m3 respectively. The result signifies a random fluctuation around the permissible limits of different pollutant concentrations. Air Quality Index (AQI) data fluctuation reveals the influence of meteorological parameters on the pollutant concentrations with 30 % of the data giving unfavourable result, 30% moderate result and 38% good result. The meteorological parameters such as humidity, temperature and wind speed data have been also collected in the study for better data interpretation. The basic objective of this paper is to detect the influence of meteorological parameters on pollutant concentrations in the city of Kolkata.