Volume -3, Issue -1  Jul 2016

Development of DSP Based Scanning Probe Control Using Open Source Software Package GXSM
Authors : J.S Devrenjith Singh,Alfred Kirubai Raj,S.K Suresh Babu,D Devaprakasam,

Gnome X Scanning Microscopy (GXSM) is a full featured and modern scanning probe microscopy (SPM) software. It can be used for powerful multidimensional image/data processing, analysis, and visualization. We connected to an SPM instrument and found that it can operate and control different configurations of SPM, e.g., scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM) or in...

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Classification of Ventricular Arrhythmia using Bat Algorithm
Authors : S Sumathi,

This paper presents an innovative approach to the feature extraction for reliable heart rhythm recognition. This classification of the system is comprised of three stages including data acquisition, preprocessing, feature extraction and classification of ECG signals. The first step is Preprocessing of ECGs which removes noise by using adaptive filters. Two different feature extraction methods...

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Bio-Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using Punicagranatum (Pomegranate) Peel Extract: A Novel Approach towards Waste Utilization
Authors : T Thilagavathi,R Renuka,R Sathiya Priya,

The physical and chemical method employed in production of silver nanoparticles is expensive and the reagents used are toxic. This paper deals with the production of silver nanoparticles using biological compounds by biosynthesis method. Silver nitrate is reduced by the peel extracts of Pomegranate, which act as a reducing agent as well as stabilizing agent due to the presence of biomolecules....

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Congenital Heart Defects from Fetal Abdominal Electrocardiograph Signals using Signal and Image Processing Techniques
Authors : P Suresh Kumar,S Meenakshi,

Fetal heart abnormalities were the most common congenital anomalies and it caused the infant to have defects by birth. The fetal cardiac structure was small and due to fast movements the early diagnosis was too difficult. In this report the abnormalities were determined from fetal abdominal ECG. Initially pre processing was done to smoothen the waveform and for noise detection. This works...

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Experimental Investigation of Natural Frequency of a Cantilever Composite Beam using Vibration Absorber
Authors : A Krishnaraju,R Ramkumar,V.R Lenin,

Composite materials are used in utmost all aspects of the industry and commercial fields such as in aircraft, ships, common vehicles, etc. The most attractive properties of such materials include high strength-toweight ratio and high stiffness-to weight ratio. In this paper, a composite cantilever beam specimen of size 300 x 25 x 2.5 (mm) is prepared by natural fiber material (sisal) and it is...

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Wearable Strike - Bend Receptor Children with Special Needs
Authors : Andrews Samraj,S Prabhakaran,K Rajendran,

Therapeutic exercises given to special children are essential to keep their health steady and limbs active. Such exercises are repetitive, time consuming, monotonous, and tiresome for both the child and the therapist. In this work a new method is suggested interesting. The caregivers and medical personnel such treatment methodology. The system proposed by this work was developed...

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Analysis of Overcut on 316l Stainless Steel during Micro EDM Drilling
Authors : T Jesudas,RM Arunachalam,D Prabhakaran,PT Yogarajan,

This paper describes the micro EDM process performance parameter study on Overcut while drilling micro hole on 316L stainless steel. The important parameters such as voltage, capacitance and Sparkgap are considered for micro hole drilling. Totally 27 experiments were conducted to study the selected parameters effects. The results clearly show that the voltage plays the key role and capacitance...

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Comparative Study of Physical, Chemical, Structural and Functional Properties of Starches Isolated from Wild and Improved Tunisian Millet
Authors : Meriem THABET,Fatma BOUKID,Mondher MEJRI,

Pearl millet starches isolation and properties from four Tunisian millet varieties have been fully characterized. Physical evaluation showed that water vapor adsorption isotherms of millet starches had a sigmoid shape curves fitting perfectly to GAB model. Moreover, significant differences between the studied starches were recorded in terms of chemical, functional, thermal and textural...

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Structural and Dielectric Response of SnO2 / ZnSnO3 Nanostructures
Authors : P Prabakaran,M Victor Antony Raj,J Madhavan,

Large-scale novel SnO2/ZnSnO3 microspheres were successfully synthesized by a simple hydrothermal method with with the interaction of UV radiation. The polarization mechanism in accordance with an applied electric field was examined. Important dielectric parameters like dielectric constant, dielectric loss and ac conductivity are discussedthe help of the surfactant urea. The as-synthesized...

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Comparative Study of Nutritional Composition and Rheological Behaviors of a set of Wild and Improved Cultivars of Tunisian Millet Flours
Authors : Fatma BOUKID ,Amel BEN JALLOUL,Meriem THABET,Mondher MEJRI ,

Pearl millet is an important source of nutrients for human diet. In the present study, four wild and improved Tunisian pearl millet varieties were evaluated in terms of their nutritional composition and rheological behaviors. The nutritional composition screening revealed that millet had important nutrients quantities namely, starch (59.17- 75.54 %), protein (9.19-14.6 %), ash (2.48-2.56 %),...

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