Volume -4, Issue -4  May 2018

Simultaneous Structural and Optical Control of Tungsten Oxide (WO3) Nanoparticles through Cobalt Doping for Super Conducting Applications
Authors : V. Hariharan,B Gnanavel,V Aroulmoji,R Sathiyapriya,K Prabakaran,C Sekar,K Selvaraju,


This paper present the synthesis and characterization of pure (WO3) and doped (Co = 2 and 5 wt.%) in a facile microwave irradiation process, followed by the annealing process at 600°C in air for 6 h in order to know the suitability of the material for superconducting applications. The samples were characterized with powder X-ray diffraction; field emission scanning electron microscopy, UV-VIS...

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Molecular Structure and Spectroscopic Characterization of Gliptus with Molecular Docking and DFT Quantum Chemical Calculations
Authors : R. Solaichamy,J. Karpagam,K. Govindarasu,


The solid phase FT-IR and FT-Raman spectra of Gliptus {(2S)-1-[2-[(3-hydroxy-1-adamantyl) amino] acetyl] pyrrolidine-2-carbonitrile} have been recorded in the regions 4000–400 cm−1 and 3500-50 cm−1, respectively. To interpret the experimental data, ab initio computations of the vibrational frequencies were carried out using the Gaussian 03 program followed by the full optimizations done...

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Prominence of Using Betalain and Cubebin as Natural Dye Sensitizers for the Design of Eco-Friendly DSSC’s
Authors : S. Ranjitha,V. Aroulmoji,R. Lavanya Dhevi,G. Rajarajan,S. Gnanendra,


Globally, the steady increase in 5% of energy per year has urged the need of alternative sources of renewable energy and has become a top challenge. The PV technology has become the most promising technology in harvesting the solar-energy. The use of natural pigments has become a viable alternative to expensive and rare Ruthenium dyes because of its low cost, easy attainability, abundance in...

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On Fuzzy strongly g**- closed set in Fuzzy Topological Space
Authors : Satyamurthy V Parvatkar,Sadanand N Patil,


In this paper, we studied the fuzzy topological spaces after giving the fundamental definitions. We have introduced and investigated concept of fuzzy strongly g**-closed set and proved some properties with some examples the way they are related to the sets like fuzzy g*-closed set, fuzzy g**-closed set, pre-closed set, fuzzy strongly g-closed and fuzzy strongly g*-closed...

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Focal Shifting of Radially Polarized Laguerre Bessel Gaussian Beam with Radial Cosine Phase Plate
Authors : K. Prabakaran,K.B. Rajesh,V. Hariharan,P. Sangeetha,V. Aroulmoji,A.M. Musthafa,


Focal shift of radially laguerre polarized Bessel Gaussian beams induced by cosine phase masks are investigated theoretically by vector diffraction theory. Results show that when the radially polarized laguerre Bessel Gaussian beam with cosine phase plate is focused, the focal pattern differs considerably with frequency parameter (C) in the cosine function term. Increasing the value of frequency...

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Removal of Zinc from Synthetic Waste Water by Activated Carbon Prosopis Juliflora
Authors : N. Zulfareen,T. Venugopal,I. Sajitha,


The activated carbon from the seeds of the Prosopis Juliflora has good adsorption capacity for the metal Zinc and it can be applied to the industrial waste for the removal of Zinc. With increase in concentration the percent removal decreases but the actual amount of the zinc adsorbed increases with equilibrium reaching at around 60mg per gram of the activated carbon. The adsorption of Zinc on the...

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Structural and Optical Properties of Nanocrystalline Zn–Ce Doped SnO2 by Co-Precipitation Method
Authors : C. Indira Priyadharsini,M. Sumathi,A. Prakasam,P.M. .Anbarasan,V. Hariharan,


Nanocrystalline tin dioxide (SnO2) doped with by Zn and Ce were synthesized via chemical co-precipitation method. The SnO2 crystallites were found to exhibit tetragonal rutile structure and the values of lattice parameters show that the metal ions get substituted in the SnO2 lattice. The samples were characterized by powder X-ray diffraction (XRD). The XRD data showed that all the samples are of...

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On Fuzzy Soft σ-Baire Spaces
Authors : E. Poongothai,G. Thangaraj,


Some new concepts of Baireness in fuzzy soft topological spaces are introduced, and their characterizations and properties are investigated in this work. Several examples are given to illustrate the concepts introduced in this...

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Development of Enhanced Biometric Secured E-Payment System for User Friendly Transaction
Authors : R. Dharmaseelan,K. Lokeshkumar,K. Manikandan,M. Manikandan ,S. Umamaheswari,B.S. Rajan,


There exist lot many methods of authentication for money transactions. The traditional method of e- payment especially debit card and credit card method of transaction has its own risk. Still necessity forces the people to use e- payment system for convenience. The novel method proposed in this work using LabVIEW platform using myRIO provides reliable firmware solution to this problem. Since...

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Comparative  Study of Optimum Solution Between Interval Transportation and Interval Transhipment Problem
Authors : R. Sophia Porchelvi ,M. Anitha,


In this paper, a comparison of optimum solution between transportation and transhipment problem where the cost coefficients are the objective functions, and the source and destination parameters is expressed as interval values. The objective is to minimize the total transportation cost and the solution is obtained by converting the interval transportation problem into an equivalent interval...

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Portable Monitoring Unit for Electric Motor
Authors : Mallikarjun Hudedmani,Nitin Ummannanavar,Sanjay B Maradi Mani Dheeraj Mudaliar,Akshay V Dhage ,


Portable monitoring and controlling unit for electrical motor is an innovative idea to evaluate the performance of motors by measuring various parameters using Arduino controller for the motor under consideration namely, transformer and motor. The present concept displays the performance on the screen making the user to know about the current situation and its best operation with regards to...

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A Survey of Scheduling Algorithms for Wireless Ad-hoc Networks
Authors : B. Cynthia Sherin,E.A. Mary Anita,


With the rising demand of wireless networks and increase in the cost of equipments, it becomes highly difficult to install more and more equipments which results in the greater need for fair sharing of resources in the network. Scheduling becomes the best solution for the better management of wireless resources. Scheduling is the process by which the diverse users of a system access the shared...

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