Volume -6, Issue -4  May 2020

Hyaluronic Acid - Hydroxychloroquine Conjugate  Proposed for Treatment of COVID-19
Authors : Riaz Khan,Vincent Aroulmoji,


We propose to develop a drug conjugate from Hyaluronic acid (HA) biomaterial, which is present in extracellular matrices, the synovial fluid of joints, and Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), which is being considered for the treatment of COVID-19 but it exhibits some toxicity, the HA-HCQ is expected to show reduced toxicity and enhance...

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Hybrid Nanocomposite Membranes of Poly(vinyl alcohol)  and Cerium Oxide for Pervaporation Dehydration of  Ethanol at their Azeotropic Point
Authors : Mallikarjunagouda B. Patil,


The study reports on the development of hybrid nanocomposite membranes of poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) loaded with metal oxide of cerium oxide (CeO2) nanoparticles in different compositions from 1 to 10 wt. % that are used for pervaporation (PV) dehydration of ethanol at azeotropic point from aqueous mixtures i.e. 4.1 wt. % at 30°C. The PV performance of hybrid nanocomposite membranes were much...

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Focal Hole Shifting of Azimuthally Polarized Sinh Gaussian Beam using Cosine Phase Filter
Authors : K. Prabakaran,V. Karthik,K.B. Rajesh,P.M. Anbarasan,V. Aroulmoji,A. Mohamed Musthafa,


Optical intensity distributions in the focal region play an important role in many optical systems. In this paper, the tunable focusing properties of azimuthally polarized sinh Gaussian beams induced by cosine phase masks are investigated theoretically by vector diffraction theory. Results show that when the azimuthally polarized sinh Gaussian beam with cosine phase plate is focused, the focal...

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Phytochemical 6-Gingerol – A promising Drug of choice  for COVID-19
Authors : Thirumalaisamy Rathinavel,Murugan Palanisamy,Srinivasan Palanisamy,Arjunan Subramanian,Selvankumar Thangaswamy,


Recently, a novel corona virus (COVID-19), identified as one of the acute respiratory syndrome corona virus (SARS CoV-2) and emerged as a pandemic disease in Asia and European countries in 2020. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the current outbreak as a global public health crisis. Due to the variability in the amino acid and amino acid sequences, it does not develop suitable...

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A Review on Productivity and its Effect in Industrial Manufacturing
Authors : Rajesh Shankar Priya,Vincent Aroulmoji,


Productivity is a widely discussed topic in companies and by leaders, as productivity is directly linked to the GDP growth and the quality of life. However, research suggests that Productivity is one of the most ambiguous terminologies that exist. Even though, productivity is closely related to profitability, efficiency and effectiveness, all these terminologies are used in a different context....

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Distance and Remote Healing a New development: Telemedicine and COVID-19 -Review
Authors : Mallikarjunagouda B. Patil,


Pandemic kind of extreme conditions, admit of patients in hospital emergency ward becomes unsustainable. Across the globe, the healthcare professionals and governments are showing much interest on technology as a critical ally to combat battle with the COVID-19 outbreak. The present article will focus on the optimistic impact of telemedicine for helping service stipulation, from enabling virtual...

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Determination of ATC and Shortest Path Power Flow in Deregulated Power System
Authors : Prakash Kerur,M.G. Hudedmani,R.L. Chakrasali,


One of the major challenges in deregulated power system is determination of Available Transfer Capability on the interconnected transmission lines. It is necessary to determine and accurately gauge the transfer capability remaining in the lines for further transactions, ATC determination methodology that enables one to evaluate the realistic transmission transfer capability by accounting for all...

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Performance of Salt Bridge in Microbial Fuel Cell at Various Agarose Concentrations for Treating Sugar  Industrial Effluent
Authors : V. Sridevi,Shaik Basheerunnisa,P. Venkat Rao,G. Rushi Varma,Devarakonda Pavan Srivatsav,


Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) is a technology that converts chemical energy into electrical energy with catalytic reaction from microorganism. In this study, sugar mill effluent (SME) was used as the anodic substrate in a double chambered MFC for an application of electricity generation. Salt-bridge is the economic alternative to highly priced proton-exchange membrane in the construction of a...

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Biodegradable Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose/Poly (Vinyl alcohol) Blend Membranes as Oxygen Barriers and their Application in Processed Food Packaging
Authors : Mallikarjunagouda Patil,Shewtarani B. Rajamani,M.K Amshumali ,


In the present study, the membranes based on Hydroxypropyl methyl cellulose (HPMC) blended with poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) with blending ratio of 20:80 (w/w) have been prepared. The blend membranes with same composition but with varied thickness were prepared i.e. 45 and 90 μm. The two variant membranes thus prepared were tested for mechanical strength to assess its tolerance. The membranes used...

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Performance Analysis of High Voltage Intelligent Supervisory Systems Using Neural Networks
Authors : P. Suresh Kumar,S. Meenakshi,A. Venkatesh,


This work is to design a neural network based High voltage intelligent model reference adaptive controller. In this scheme, the intelligent supervisory loop is incorporated into the conventional model reference adaptive controller framework by utilizing an online growing multilayer back propagation neural network structure in parallel with it. The Conventional Model Reference Adaptive Controller...

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 Application of Electrocoagulation Technique in Textile Waste Water Treatment: A Review
Authors : Veluru Sridevi,K. Sahithi,V. Sujatha,


Textile waste water generating from dyeing and finishing processes is categorized as high strength waste water due to its strong color and high COD. It is a growing as a major source of environmental pollution. The variability in composition of textile effluent has become hard to treat for conventional treatment processes. Electrocoagulation process can be considered as a reliable, safe and...

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Synthesis, Characterization of Schiff Bases and Biological Activities of Their Transition Metal Complexes-Review
Authors : D.T. Sakhare,


Schiff bases are versatile ligands which are synthesized from the condensation of primary amines with carbonyl groups. These compounds are very important in medicinal and pharmaceutical fields because of their wide spectrum of biological activities. Most of them show biological activities such as antibacterial, antifungal as well as antitumor activity. Transition metal complexes derived from the...

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