Abstract :

The Video games are a happy entertainment for any person and makes them feel entertained, euphoria, and awe. When played in groups, it gives personal pride, feeling emotionally close to another player, surprise, curiosity, excitement, and wonder. Many of such video games give relief for a while during stressful situations by the effective engagement. But as any good medicine for health care becomes fatal if taken too much beyond the dosage the gaming beyond limit brings in adverse effects. Apart from the extended duration, another contributing phenomenon is the game content. The game formula, paradigm and components play a vital role in deciding the influencing power of the game. Competitions in the video game market fuel it to be more attractive, powerful and to be an effective impact in the minds and characters of the youngsters to gain the business. The adverse effect of video games relays mainly on these two components and this paper suggest the remedies to burst the trap by giving findings on both the realms.