Abstract :

: The metal oxide Nano particles doped semiconductor films were prepared by sol-gel technique and Dip-coating method. The Copper oxide, nickel oxide and tin oxide nano particles doped with silicon films are prepared .The metal oxide nano particles doped semiconductor films were exposed to DC glow discharge plasma and its optical analysis Ultra Violet visible band gap study, Structural analysis X Ray diffraction method and Weight loss analysis of the plasma treated and untreated films were studied. The ultra Violet absorption range of this film was varied due to the plasma treatment. The result reveals that, the film has a similar wavelength in the visible region (>250 NM) but the absorption value of the plasma treated film was increased when compared to the untreated film. The optical band gap was calculated from the absorption spectrum. The band gap energy of the film decreases due to the plasma treatment. In the X Ray diffraction method, full width half maximum progressively increased in the treated films when compared to untreated films. From weight loss analysis the rapid removal of low molecular contaminants such as additive processing acids and absorbed species are etching of the surface.