Abstract :

Therapeutic exercises given to special children are essential to keep their health steady and limbs active. Such exercises are repetitive, time consuming, monotonous, and tiresome for both the child and the therapist. In this work a new method is suggested interesting. The caregivers and medical personnel such treatment methodology. The system proposed by this work was developed success handmade varying pressure gauges with color codes that enables the users to interrelate color and the pressure associated with a help of, location and the amount of pressure required. Four different exercises were completed by four different subjects in two sessions and the feedback system was generated from every single trial performance via a visual display in a smart phone. The accuracy of the system’s output depends on the striking force applied to the appropriate sensors marked with practice of giving a feedback on therapy for motor movements rather working on the hardware more in detail. The system is connected with an android app via Bluetooth to give feedback of every strike an expected way for the therapy to retain the deteriorating health of children with CP due to jerks, seizures etc. The proposed system calculates the pressure of data that arrives from the Bluetooth file electrodes periodically, thus preserving the performance of the subject and giving feedback in both directions of the App created.