Abstract :

Gnome X Scanning Microscopy (GXSM) is a full featured and modern scanning probe microscopy (SPM) software. It can be used for powerful multidimensional image/data processing, analysis, and visualization. We connected to an SPM instrument and found that it can operate and control different configurations of SPM, e.g., scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and atomic force microscopy (AFM) or in general two-dimensional multi-channel data acquisition instruments. The GXSM core can handle different data types, e.g., integer and floating point numbers. An easily extendable plug-in architecture provides many image analysis and manipulation functions. A digital signal processor (DSP) subsystem runs the feedback loop, generates the scanning signals and acquires the data during SPM measurements. The programmable GXSM vector probe engine performs virtually any thinkable spectroscopy and manipulation task, such as scanning tunneling spectroscopy (STS) or tip formation. The GXSM software is released under the GNU general public license (GPL) and can be obtained via the Internet. In this project the front end is implemented in Linux operating system and connected to the data acquisition device with the kernel module and the data were been acquired using the unidata NetCDF. The SR-Hwl plugin are used to run the device in no hardware mode. The data acquisition tool consists of DSP&FGPA in which is X, Y, Z offset are connected to the Piezo drive.