Abstract :

: Cotton leaves have been used to extract natural dye for dyeing of Egyptian cotton variety Giza 86 fabric and its blend with polyester 50:50, using different mordants such as iron (II) sulfate, copper (II) sulfate, and alum. The exhaust dyeing method was utilized using the pre-mordant technique. It is observed that both fabric samples can be dyed in different colors and depth of shades with Cotton leaves dye. Iron (II) sulfate ensures the best light fastness. Improved light fastness is obtained using abovementioned lower amounts of iron (II) sulfate and copper (II) sulfate. Alum is found to be less effective than iron (II) sulfate and copper (II) sulfate on the light fastness. As a novel alternative and potential natural dye, Cotton leaves extract solution can be used to get various colors and shades with satisfactory fastness properties. The mordanted and un-mordanted fabric samples were tested for their dyeing performance in terms of color parameters K/S, (L*), a*, b*, (C*) and (H*), and fastness properties (wash, perspiration, light and rubbing fastness) were studied. The samples showed high color strength, and high fastness properties. These results are very important for industrial application and with the production of a natural dye as an inexpensive source from cotton leaves as a by-product. Another objective is to increase the production of eco-textile garments with a good price for the Egyptian customers.