Abstract :

To improve the mechanical and durability properties of ordinary Portland cement (OPC) mortar and paste, the incorporation of multi walled Carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) and their dispersion procedures, functionalization, and ultra sonication have been intensively implemented. Most of the studies showed significant enhancements in the mechanical properties of OPC mortar or paste; however, others showed impairments. The recent studies regarding the implementation of MWCNTs and Glass Fibres on the mechanical properties of OPC paste and mortar were reviewed and these properties include compressive, tensile, flexural strengths, and elastic modulus. A statistical study was conducted to evaluate the mechanical properties of concrete by dispersion of MWCNT’s and Glass Fibres in the cement paste. In these composites, the percentage of MWCNTs was fixed at 0.75% by weight of cement, while the percentage of Glass Fibers was fixed at 0.25% by weight of cement. The samples were cured in tap water for 28 days at 25 + 2ᵒC.Composite specimens were tested for compression and flexure in order to evaluate their mechanical properties such as compressive strength, flexural strength, toughness and ductility and compared with the results of plain cement control beams. The maximum deflection was found to be 0.5mm with a maximum load of 500N. The flexural strength was observed to be 1250.50 N/mm2 as per ASTM D 790 which is 20% more than the flexural strength obtained with Plain Cement+MWCNT’s and 60 to 70% more than that obtained with Plain Cement + Glass Fibres. The flexural modulus as per deflection criteria is 535.94 N/mm2 which is 10 to 20% more than that obtained of Plain Cement+MWCNT’s and Plain Cement+ Glass Fibres. The compressive strength of Plain Cement+0.75% MWCNT’s+0.25% Glass fibres was found to be 65 N/mm2 which is greater than Plain cement and Plain cement+MWCNT’s. Surface morphology by Scanning Electron microscopy of the specimens infers the clustering of glass fibres and demonstrating the dispersion and interaction between the MWCNTs and Cement paste.