Volume -7, Issue -4  May 2021

Novel Cycloaliphatic Cashew Nut Shell Liquid Derivatives and their use as Isocyanate Protective Groups
Authors : Pietro Campaner,Francesca Dinon,Fernanda Tavares,Yun Mi Kim,Anbu Natesh,


Cardanol (3-pentadecenyl-phenol), a well-known non-edible natural oil obtained as a by-product of the Cashew Industry, represents a valid alternative to petro-based derivatives, thanks to its peculiar chemical structure. When selected as polymer building block in the synthesis of epoxy curing agents or polyols and diols for polyurethane applications, cardanol can impart unique benefits, like...

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On Optimization of Manufacturing of Instrumentation Amplifier Input Bias Circuitry to Increase Density of Elements
Authors : E.L. Pankratov,


In this paper, we introduce an approach to increase density of field-effect transistors framework instrumentation amplifier input bias circuitry. Framework the approach, we consider the manufacturing of inverter in heterostructure with specific configuration. Several required areas of the heterostructure should be doped by diffusion or ion implantation. Moreover, do pant and radiation defects...

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Rigid and Non-Rigid Rotor Models for Microwave Rotational Spectroscopy of Diatomic Molecules
Authors : Rohit Singh,


In microwave rotational spectroscopy, absorption spectra arise from molecular rotation and correspond to transitions between the rotational energy levels associated with a given vibrational state of a particular electronic state. The rotational transitions, which fall in the microwave region, are induced through the interaction of the molecular electric dipole with the electric vector of the...

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Solving a Demand-Supply Mismatch by Enabling a Value Chain Orientation
Authors : Rajesh Shankar Priya,


Supply-Demand mismatch is a continuous challenge among suppliers creating poor customer service levels and often leading to higher costs to the entire supply chain, to meet the demands of the customer. This paper will highlight demand-supply mismatch issues between a steel supplier having supply issues with one of its premier automobile customers due to difficulties in forecasting the appropriate...

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How to improve the Quality of Indian Engineering Education using TQM Principles and ICT Tools
Authors : R.V. Mahendra Gowda,


Education in India, especially the Engineering Education is facing a lot of disinterest and disruptions. Further, the onset of Covid-19 pandemic has greatly affected the quality of education and revolutionized the entire method of teaching, learning, assessment and examination system in our nation. For the last one year, there is an almost absence of face-to-face teaching, there are no proper...

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Hydrogels for Textile Applications - Review
Authors : Usha Sayed,Ishika Deshmukh,


Hydrogels are widely used in biomedical area of research. Hydrogels are usually used in fabrication of contact lenses, hygiene products, biosensors, wound dressings, and tissue engineering applications. The polymer 2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA) based hydrogel synthesis and their use in textiles industry was also reviewed. Poly-Hema is a soft, flexible, water absorbing plastic used in making...

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Ammonium Persulphate Initiated Graft Copolymerization of Aniline onto Chitosan-A Comparative Kinetic Study
Authors : Seyed Hossein Hosseini,


Ammonium persulphate (APS) has been used as efficient initiator for graft copolymerization of the aniline (ANI) onto chitosan at 25±0.1°C. Graft copolymerization of ANI onto chitosan has taken place through the cation radical initiation process. The grafting parameters have been evaluated by varying concentration of ANI, APS and chitosan. The effects of concentration of APS, ANI, chitosan and...

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Onintuitionistic fuzzy-I-open sets, intuitionistic fuzzy         semi-I-open sets and a decomposition of intuitionistic       fuzzy-I-continuity
Authors : Fadhil Abbas,


In this paper, we introduce a new class of intuitionistic fuzzy ideal open sets in intuitionistic fuzzy ideal topological spaces; intuitionistic fuzzy-I-open set and intuitionistic fuzzy semi-I-open set and given a decomposition of fuzzy...

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Preliminary Phytochemical Analysis and its Antimicrobial and Antioxidant Activitiy of Leaf Extract   of Justicia Adhatoda
Authors : P. Gowsalya,A. Gowri,


Justicia Adhatoda is one of the medicinal plant native to Asia that is widely used in antidiabetic, anti inflammatory, antibacterial properties, treatment of cough and other respiratory ailments. In the present study, few steps procedure method was used to extract the major compound in the leaves.From the leaf extracts, phytochemical tests, measurement of antioxidant activity andantibacterial...

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Hyaluronic Acid - 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose Conjugate Act as a Promising Targeted Drug Delivery Option for the  Treatment of COVID-19
Authors : R. Thirumalaisamy,V. Aroulmoji,Riaz Khan,C. Sivasankar,M. Deepa,


In the present study, we propose Hyaluronic acid - 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose (HA-2DG) conjugate as a novel drug for the treatment of COVID-19. In silico molecular docking studies HA-2DG and 2-Deoxy-D-Glucose (2DG) against four different SARS-CoV-2 viral protein (Mpro, RdRp, PLpro and S protein) revealed that HA-2DG conjugate showed better binding affinity (-6.2, -7.2, -7.0 and 6.4 Kcal/mol) with all four...

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Mechanisms of Earthquake-Induced Ionosphere Perturbations -An Overview
Authors : Jyoti Singh,Geeta Lather,Ajoy Gosh,S. Choudhary,


The study of atmospheric–ionospheric connections is one of the most exciting and potentially important disciplines in geophysics. Changes in the ionospheric environment might be a method for earthquake prediction. The phenomenon of lithosphere-atmosphere-ionosphere (LAI) coupling is a promising method for earthquake prediction. Various experiments can be used to determine the variability of the...

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Applying Simulation Technique of Vapor-Compression Refrigeration
Authors : Namrata Tripathi,Yudhveer Kumar Verma,Gurusharan Kaur,


Calculation intensive courses lead to the need to integrate computer technology into the classroom, especially in courses such as The Refrigeration and air conditioning at then Dronacharya College of Engineering Gurugram (Haryana). Therefore the opportunity arises for the implementation of interactive tools for ease of calculations. Once the students have mastered the concepts and ability to...

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