Volume -5, Issue -2  Nov 2018

Time Dependence of the Proportions of Matter and Dark Energy of the Universe in the Framework of Brans-Dicke Theory
Authors : Sudipto Roy,


Considering the non-conservation of the matter content of the universe, a cosmological model has been built up, on the basis of an assumption of an inter-conversion between matter and the dark energy. A function of time has been introduced to represents the phenomenon of non-conservation of the matter content. By definition, this function is proportional to the matter content of the universe at...

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Tight Focusing Properties of Radially Polarized Doughnut Gaussian Beam through a Dielectric Interface
Authors : K. Prabakaran,R. Loganathan,A. Kesavan,K.B. Rajesh,A. Mohamed Musthafa,V. Aroulmoji,


Tight focusing properties of an radially polarized doughnut Gaussian beam through a dielectric interface is theoretically investigated by vector diffraction theory. For the incident beam with topological charges (m), probe depth (d) and revive in the vicinity of focal plane, which results in the generation of many novel focal patterns. Such kind of focal structures may find applications in...

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On Some forms of fuzzy wg**- Continuous functions in Fuzzy Topological Spaces
Authors : Satyamurthy V Parvatkar,Sadanand N Patil,


The aim of this paper is to introduce and study of some stronger forms of fuzzy wg**-continuous functions namely, strongly fuzzy wg**-continuous, perfectly fuzzy wg**-continuous and completely fuzzy wg**-continuous...

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On Fuzzy Soft  Semi - Baire Spaces
Authors : E. Poongothai,R. Kawshalya ,


In this paper we investigate fuzzy soft semi Baire spaces are studied and introduced the characterizations of fuzzy soft semi baire spaces are studied. Several examples are given to illustrate the concepts introduced in this...

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Mechanical and Structural Properties of Zn0.1Ni0.4Cu0.5Fe2O4 Ferrite
Authors : Shridhar N. Mathad,


Polycrystalline Zn-Ni-Cu ferrite with general formula Zn0.1Ni0.4Cu0.5Fe2O4 ferrite has been prepared by solid state method. In order to explore the structural parameters of prepared samples were characterized by using X-ray diffraction (XRD), Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR) technique. The lattice parameter was found to 8.463A0. Texture coefficient (TC) of (422) is 2.1212.The...

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Neural Networks Applications in WLANs for Performance Enhancement: a Survey and Framework
Authors : Gideon T Govere,Tulay Yildirim,


Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) are inherently dynamic and complex systems which are being deployed in denser and more challenging scenarios like stadiums, with greater user performance demand to support applications such as video, cloud access and offloading. Their very nature requires adaptive and intelligent solutions to enhance and optimize their performance. As a candidate solution,...

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Human Health Monitoring System Using IoT and Cloud Technology - Review
Authors : Vishwanath . M. Soppimath,Aishwarya Jogul ,Sanjay Kolachal ,Pooja Kalal ,Dundappa Baligar,


In India, everyday many lives are affected because of the patient’s ignorance. Also real time parameters are not efficiently measured in the clinic as well as in hospitals. Sometimes it will be difficult for patients to visit hospitals frequently to keep a track on their health conditions. Mean while continuous monitoring of patients by the doctor is also not possible. This proposed work will...

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On Fuzzy Supra I-Open Sets and Fuzzy Supra I-Continuous Functions
Authors : E. Poongothai,


In this paper, we introduce and investigate a new class of sets and functions between fuzzy topological spaces called fuzzy supra I-open sets and fuzzy supra I-continuous functions respectively. Further Fuzzy Supra I-open sets are used for relations and certain properties ...

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Low Calorie High-Intensity Sweeteners
Authors : Riaz Khan,Vincent Aroulmoji,


The review on low-calorie, High-intensity Sweeteners (HIS), synthetic and natural, will focus particularly on those sweeteners which have already received approval as food additives from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) or have achieved Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) status. In the Europe Union, the approved HIS are given a particular E...

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Photovoltaic and Impedance Spectroscopy Analysis of ZrO2 / TiO2 Composites for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells
Authors : S. Ranjitha,R. LavanyaDhevi,V. Hariharan,P.M. Anbarasan,R. Sathiya Priya,M. Sridharan,


The nanostructured ZrO2/TiO2 samples were synthesized by hydrothermal method, sensitized with anthraquinone dyes and the photovoltaic property was studied. The photovoltaic cells were assembled and the short-circuit current of the devices was measured under continuous illumination at 100 mW/cm2 corresponding to the twice of the standard solar light intensity. The observed results of photocurrent...

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Naphthalene Based Fluorescent Probe for the Detection of Aluminum Ion
Authors : N. Sathya,M. Saranya ,V. Chandrasekaran ,R. Selva Kumar,


This work reports on the naphthalene based chemosensor for selective detection of Al3+ in aqueous solution based on photoinduced electron transfer (PET) process. Fluorescent sensors with naphthalene unit have been prepared and characterized. Their complexation behavior and binding mode towards Al3+ and other metal ions have been studied by UV-vis, fluorescence spectrometric and Mass Spectrometry...

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Scaling Relations of Length-Biomass Allometry for Bi-dimensional Macroalgae: A Simple Theoretical Explanation
Authors : Kankana Roy Bhattacharya,Sudipto Roy,


A scaling exponent of 0.472 was obtained from some experimental observations of bi-dimensional seaweeds for their length-biomass allometry. It was sufficiently higher than the value of 0.25, which was almost regarded as the universal exponent, on the basis of the experimental data obtained for unicellular microalgae and vascular plants. Later, a simple theoretical model predicted a length-biomass...

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