Volume -10, Issue -2  Nov 2023

Numerical Study of the Thermal Performance of Diurnal Passive Radiative Systems for Space Cooling in Owerri
Authors : C.R. Oraka,G.N. Nwaji,H.O. Okoro,C.A. Okoronkwo,N.V. Ogueke,E.E. Anyanwu,


Passive radiative cooling does not require any energy input and has a great promise to help address global energy challenges. A 2D mathematical model based on the thermal energy balance approach was developed from the first principle and used to study the feasibility of employing the principles of passive radiative cooling for diurnal comfort space cooling in buildings. The model has been...

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Experimental Investigation on Influence of Solvents on Extracts from Carica Papaya for Potential use in Textile Coloration using Infrared Spectroscopy
Authors : G.C Onuegbu,C.K Oguzie,O.O Nnorom,B.C Aharanwa,K.O Chike,


Extraction and characterization of Carica papaya were studied using four solvents namely Sodium hydroxide (NaOH), Hydrochloride acid (HCl) Ethanol (C2H5OH) and distilled water which was the control solvent. The solvent extracts water(control), Sodium hydroxide (PNaOH), Hydrochloride acid (PHCl), and Ethanol (PETOH) were characterized each using Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR) to...

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An Approach for the Analysis of the Development of Tumors under the Influence of Various Factors
Authors : E.L. Pankratov,


We introduce a model to describe tumor development. The model takes into account the development of their own cells, the effects of chemotherapeutic drugs on them, as well as their interaction with surrounding cells. We also introduce an analytical approach for the analysis of the introduced model. The approach gives the possibility to take into account changes in the conditions of the processes...

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Optimization of Hot Air Drying of Sweet Potato using Response Surface Method
Authors : N. J. Edeani,H.I. Anyaene,


The use of response surface methodology in predicting the moisture content reduction and drying rate of dried sweet potato slices was the objective of this work. Freshly harvested sweet potatoes were washed and peeled. Experiments were performed at drying temperatures of 60, 70 and 80oC, slice thicknesses of 0.4 cm, 0.6 cm, and 0.8 cm, and drying times of 60, 180, and 300 minutes. The moisture...

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Anticancer Activity of the in Vitro-Derived Extract of Cactus  (Opuntia ficus-indica L. Mill) Treated with  Selenium Nanoparticles
Authors : Alaa Heikal,Abeer Salama,Marwa E. Abd El-Sadek,


The anticancer activity of the extracts produced from in-vitro cladodes of Opuntia ficusIndica L. Mill was evaluated. In which, two different treatments of selenium nanoparticles (SeNPs) 2.5 and 5 mg were supplemented to the basal culture medium. The highest number of shoots per explant and the maximum length of Opuntia shoots were obtained with selenium nanoparticles (5 mg/l) at 11.33...

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Investigation of the Effect of window Glazing on the Cooling Loads of Buildings
Authors : C.K. Dimson,G.N. Nwaji,O.C. Nwufo,N.V Ogueke,E.E. Anyanwu,


The cooling loads of a building are also dependent on the amount of heat gained from the outside, and with the need to improve the energy efficiency of buildings in order to reduce energy waste and carbon footprint and ensure access to energy for more people, the right window types have to be utilized. This work used the standard cooling load estimation method to carry out an analytical study of...

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Computational Fluid Dynamics Investigation of the Impact of Wall Treatment on Fluidization in a Liquid-Solid Fluidized Bed
Authors : C. Amuta,G.N. Nwaji,N.V. Ogueke,E.E. Anyanwu,


This work investigates the influence of wall treatment on the prediction accuracy of the k-ε and k-ω models, as well as the solid volume fraction, in a solid-liquid fluidized bed. The objective of the study is to explore the effects of different y+ values on the performance of these turbulence models and the prediction of solid-liquid fluidized bed behavior. Using the Eulerian-Eulerian...

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Effect of Human Activities on the Environment: Case Study of Oil Facilities Security Services in Nigeria
Authors : Paul Ogheneochuko Ohwofadjeke,Chibuike Ononogbo,Monday Morgan Chukwu,Oluchi Ulunma Nwosu,Chikodi Nwokoma Ehumadu,


This paper examined the impact of the activities of security men attached to oil facilities on the environment in Nigeria. Data were collected from two locations namely; Ahoda and Evwerni for the study. Findings show that between January and April 2023, a total of 335 vehicles were burned at both sites. Ahoda site had average values of particulate matter (PM10 = 205.1 ug/m3 and PM2.5 =199.9...

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The Use of Wide Band Gap Semiconductors in the  Production of Electronic Devices and its Feasibility Study  in Nigeria
Authors : Inyama Kelechi,Uchegbu Chinenye Eberechi,Onwumelu Angela Ihuoma,


This study extensively analyzes the incorporation of third-generation semiconductors, examples of which are silicon carbide and gallium nitride, into electronic device fabrication. It evaluates their technical advantages, including enhanced performance and higher electron mobility, as well as economic benefits like lowered energy consumption and extended device lifespan. The investigation...

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Education 5.0: Evolution of Promising Digital Technologies –  A Comprehensive Review
Authors : R.V. Mahendra Gowda ,


Education is the manifestation of perfection already in man. Akin to industrial revolution, education has evolved from Education 1.0, which was primal, to the most modern present-day system of Education 5.0. Artificial Intelligence and allied emerging technologies played a vital role for more than 20 years during the stretch of Education 4.0. With the advent of prominent digital technologies such...

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Environmental and Health Effects of Emerging Contaminants – A Critical Review
Authors : Mohan Mani,Rekha Pachaiappan,R.V. Mahendra Gowda,Vincent Aroulmoji,


Emerging contaminants, including pharmaceutical drug molecules, personal care products, and microplastics, are frequently present in the environmental samples. These are derived from various sources of municipal wastewater discharges, domestic solid waste dumped on land, disposal from farmlands, and industrial discharges. These may cause innumerous hazardous effects, particularly endocrine...

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Deformation Behaviour of 3D Printed Reinforced Hydroxyapatite/Gelatin Bio-Ceramics
Authors : A. Megalingam,Rejikumar Rajamony,M. A. Perumal,S. Malliga,


This paper investigates the deformation behaviour of three-dimensional (3D) printed reinforced hydroxyapatite/gelatine bio-ceramics. The worldwide demand for organ replacement or tissue regeneration is increasing steadily. The advancements in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine have made it possible to regenerate such damaged organs or tissues into functional organs or tissues with the...

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