Volume -10, Issue -4  Jun 2024

Novel Multi-Functional Cashew Nut Shell Liquid-based Reactive Diluent and Modifier
Authors : Pietro Campaner,Joseph Mauck,Hong Xu,Fernanda Tavares,James Zhao,Anbu Natesh,


Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) is a non-edible natural oil obtained as a by-product of the Anacardium Occidentale nut. Its main component (cardanol) is characterized by a favorable sustainability profile (LCA) and unique chemical features (presence of an aromatic ring, phenoxy groups, and alkenyl side chain), that allow its industrial use in a wide range of thermosetting materials, from alkyds...

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Physico-Mechanical Properties of Cellulose Fibers Reinforced Thermoplastic Natural Rubber Composites: Effects of Fiber Size and Fiber Content
Authors : Haydar U. Zaman,


The economic use of lignocellulose waste is one of the environmental problems that third-world nations cope with. Waste materials that are currently burned or thrown in the ground can be utilized more effectively and the price of the completed composite may be decreased by using composites produced of waste newspaper cellulose fiber (NCF). In this study, environmentally friendly composites made...

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Box-Behnken Optimization of a DGB Cassava Grating Machine
Authors : C. P. Nwadinobi,J. C. Edeh,T. C. Uwandu,K. I. Mejeh, K. Ihejirika,


The optimal performance and operational parameters of a double grating-barrel (DGB) cassava grating machine were determined in this study. The response surface methodology was used. The effects and interactions between key process parameters were enhanced by applying Box-Behnken design. The operational parameters investigated are abrasive surface size, feed rate, speed of grating drum, and...

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Generalized Twisted (α,β)-ψ Contractive Type Mappings and Related Fixed Point Results with Applications
Authors : Muhammed Raji,Laxmi Rathour,Lakshmi Narayan Mishra,Vishnu Narayan Mishra,


: In this article, we introduce the concept of generalized twisted (α,β)-ψ contractive type mappings and establish fixed point theorems for such mappings in complete generalized metric spaces. In particular, we define the concept of twisted (α,β)-admissible mappings and show how these mappings can be used to obtain fixed points. As a consequence of our main results, we derive fixed point...

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Review on the Recent Applications of Nanomaterials in Energy, Environment and Health Care
Authors : M. Sumathi,P. Rekha,M. Mohan,A. Prakasam,P.M. Anbarasan,V. Aroulmoji,


This review centers on the significance of the advancement of nanotechnology in today's world. The emergence of nanotechnology in the last three years seems to surprise everyone. Nanomaterials are synthesized with facile techniques that satisfy the user's requirements with their unique characteristics. Nanomaterials are very novel in their properties at the atomic level. An exceptional...

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On Prognosis of Technological Process to Increase the Integration Rate of Elements in the Framework of an Operational Transresistance Amplifier
Authors : E.L. Pankratov,


In this paper, we present a method to increase the density of field-effect heterotransistors within the framework of the operation of the transresistance amplifier. Within the framework of this approach, we consider the fabrication of amplifiers in heterostructures with specific configurations. Most of the heterostructure must be doped by diffusion or ion implantation. Then, the dopants and...

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A Comparative Study of the Egyptian Naturally Colored Cotton and Commercial Variety Giza 98
Authors : Shereen O. Bahlool,Abeer S. Arafa,Abo-Baker E.M. Gadallah,Eman R. El-Sayed,


As the world moves towards pollution-free organic textiles and products, naturally colored cotton is going to be the next trend word in the market because colored cotton has both unique and desirable qualities beneficial to the consumer and the environment. Naturally colored cotton has pigmented fibers with the color as a part of the lumen. The current study was carried out in the year 2022...

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IoT Based Wireless EV Charging and Battery  Monitoring System
Authors : M. Santhosh Raikar,Raviraj Telkar,D.B. Bhavan ,Darshan Naik,


The benefits of electric vehicles (EVs) include reducing fuel consumption and helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution. We are switching to wireless charging solutions for our vehicles. Electric vehicles (EVs) are becoming more and more popular we provide charging stations for EVs. This research aims to create an Internet of Things-based electric vehicle charging and battery...

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Smart Phone Integrated Wireless LED Notice Board
Authors : S. Sumathi,R. Uthirasamy,


The traditional concept of notice boards has undergone a revolutionary transformation with the introduction of smart wireless electronic notice boards. This research presents the design and development of an innovative system that seamlessly integrates modern communication technologies to enhance the efficiency and flexibility of information dissemination. The proposed smart wireless electronic...

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Equation for Predicting the pH Value of Rainwater using Air Quality Index
Authors : Vinothkumar Natarajan,Balakishore Lakshmanan,Renuka Subramaniam,Nadachi Kumarasami,


This research derives and validates an equation to predict rainwater pH using the Air Quality Index (AQI) based on Fick's law of diffusion. Considering the surface area and diffusivity coefficient parameters, the mathematical model equation improves the understanding of mass-transfer mechanisms between pollutants and rain droplets. Validating the results obtained in this work with existing data...

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Heat Dissipation during Functioning of Solar Panels
Authors : E.L. Pankratov,


Wide use of solar batteries leads to intensive elaboration of technology for manufacturing them as well as their performance. One way to increase the performance of the considered batteries is by decreasing the removal of heat, which was generated during their functioning. In this paper, we consider convective removal of the considered heat. We estimate the intensity of the convective heat...

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An Effective Antimicrobial Effect by Silver Doped Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Prepared by Co-precipitation Method
Authors : M. Gomathy,M. Deepa,Vanitha Arumugam,Rekha Pachaiappan,Padmavathi Rajangam,


In the present work nanoparticles of silver (Ag) doped zinc oxide(ZnO) were successfully synthesized by the Co-precipitation method using zinc sulphate and polyvinylpyrrolidone (PVP) as the precursor materials. Ethylene glycol (EG) and (NaOH + Na2CO3) were used for the homogeneity and to maintain the pH value of the solution. It helps to make a stoichiometric solution of silver-doped zinc oxide...

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