Abstract :

As the world moves towards pollution-free organic textiles and products, naturally colored cotton is going to be the next trend word in the market because colored cotton has both unique and desirable qualities beneficial to the consumer and the environment. Naturally colored cotton has pigmented fibers with the color as a part of the lumen. The current study was carried out in the year 2022 season at the Cotton Research Institute, Agricultural Research Center, Egypt, and Inter-yarn Fine Cotton Spinning Company. The objectives of the study are to determine the fiber, chemical, and spinning characteristics of colored cotton of brown and green shades, as well as a comparative study between the colored cotton and the commercial variety Giza 98. Results indicated that the Egyptian naturally colored cotton fiber showed good fiber and yarn physical, mechanical, and chemical properties. Green cotton had the lowest technological properties. On the other hand, the Giza 98 cotton variety had the highest technological properties.