Abstract :

The optimal performance and operational parameters of a double grating-barrel (DGB) cassava grating machine were determined in this study. The response surface methodology was used. The effects and interactions between key process parameters were enhanced by applying Box-Behnken design. The operational parameters investigated are abrasive surface size, feed rate, speed of grating drum, and grinding time while machine efficiency and machine throughput capacity were performance parameters. The interactions of these factors (operational parameters) and responses (performance parameters) were evaluated and estimated using the Box-Behnken design while the desirability function approach was the optimization technique applied. The statistical soundness of the generated models was determined using analysis of variance. The optimal model for determining the relationship between the variables was a second-order quadratic model (R2>98%). Results revealed 4mm, 11.8kg/min, 1500rpm, and 8min as the respective optimal for abrasive surface size, feed rate, speed of the grating drum, and grinding time. Performance analysis showed that the grating machine operates with 100% and 100% for Machine Efficiency and Machine Throughput Capacity respectively.