Abstract :

Methacrylate based copolymers have attracted a great deal of interest because of their environmental friendly organic coatings for anticorrosive application. Poly ((N-methacryloyloxymethyl) benzotriazole-co-phenoxyethyl methacrylate) has synthesized by free radical polymerization technique and confirmed by spectral and thermal analysis. The anti-corrosion behavior of the synthesized copolymer coatings over low nickel stainless steel specimens were investigated in 1M H2SO4 using potentiodynamic polarization, electrochemical impedance spectroscopic method and chronoamperometric studies. Surface investigation like scanning electron microscopic and energy dispersive X-ray analysis were also carried out in order to describe the adherence and morphology of the copolymer coatings. Electrochemical corrosion studies and surface investigation results were confirm that the poly (MMBT-co-POEMA) coatings provided a stable matrix and environmentally favored good anti-corrosive coating on low nickel stainless steel.