Abstract :

This article presents the potential of gel ethanol fuel to reduce indoor emissions using an improved clean cook stove. The performance of the fabricated stove was analyzed. This was based on the fuel efficiency, and environmental and human health impacts during utilization of bio-ethanol gel fuel and the developed stove. The improved bio-ethanol gel cookstove developed was compared with two other cookstoves in terms of performance. The developed stove had vermiculite insulation with a low thermal conductivity of 0.17 W/mK which maintains a combustion temperature of 691oC. The calorific value of the bio-ethanol gel fuel was obtained as 18.5 MJ/kg, with an efficiency of 75%. The combustion temperature of the improved stove was 12.8% improved against the existing stoves. The moderate energy efficiency and other performance indicators of the improved stove showed that it was the most suitable stove for home use.