Abstract :

The paper presents a comparative study of different performance prediction of solar photovoltaic systems that could be simply and efficiently used by artificial intelligence techniques. We have plenty of sunlight, but scarcity of water to carry out plantation farming activities. However, the availability of highly efficient and cost-effective pump controllers using solar technology is limited. This review article is based on bridging the gap between water and sunlight for smart irrigation in India. This article also focuses on the comprehensive and comparative study of the most-adopted Artificial Intelligence (AI), Fuzzy Logic (FL), Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) and, Genetic Algorithms (GA) based on MPPT techniques using solar-powered irrigation. Internet of Things (IoT) is used for monitoring plantation field for humidity, moisture, control pests, temperature, plant diseases, fertilizers, etc. with the purpose of making sure the quality of vegetables, fruits and so on. Smart farming has to be incorporated by employing solar-based pump sets for irrigation as electricity is not available in the farmland. For excellence in farming, AI-enabled cameras can be used to capture images of the entire farm and investigate the images in near-real-time to identify several problems and provide timely action to achieve higher yield which in turn improves the quality of farming.