Abstract :

Plantain being a perishable fruit, there may be want for it to be processed into flour and different product sorts to increase its shelf life. Hence, this research work presents the design of a process machine for plantain flour production from unripe plantain. An integrated plantain flour processing machine was designed and developed in this study. The average performance indices of the developed machine recorded include the throughput capacity of 36.53kg/hr and machine efficiency of 88.65%. This system dries and pulverizes the peeled and probable sliced unripe plantain into flour with high performance. The proximate composition and functional properties results of the processed flour showed wholesomeness in the product. The usage of unripe plantain flours in the food industry have to be recommended in Nigeria. This will wherein make for good enough plantain grown. Thus, it will assist to enhance the dietary and fitness fame of Nigerians as a result of the high protein and micronutrient concentrations in unripe plantain.