Abstract :

The paper presents a significant index in the evaluation of rural areas by monitoring the conditions of soil and water in agriculture. There are several factors that affect agriculture, which may be lack of water facilities, proper pesticide utilization at the proper time, and sometimes due to the low soil moisture content available in the soil. The soil and water conditions and how they can supply the proper water with respect to time as well as without human intervention. For this, we need some hardware and software integrated together for a final output. The article needs a group of technologies that must be integrated together, like sensor networks, cloud computing, big data, and finally some interfaces to control the things. The farmer can supply the water from time to time, but it needs a power supply to run the motor. For that, it is better to use solar energy because it is renewable energy and can supply energy throughout the day. Finally, the paper forecasts the monitoring of soil, water, and weather conditions in agriculture through a server or mobile application.