Abstract :

Building block represents one of the vital materials in construction industry, the increased demand and requirement of building material has made the industry to grow vertically, the innovation and change in concrete block industry plays important role to produce cost effective, durable and sustainable building block which is the need of hour. The production of large amount of fly-ash requires land in the form of ash ponds. The challenge arises in utilizing this fly-ash in the production of sustainable building materials. The present experimental study involves the production of Geopolymer concrete blocks from fly ash, GGBS (Ground granulated blast furnace slag), slag sand, coarse aggregate, sodium silicate, sodium hydroxide to make the concrete block cost effective, high strength, sustainable and durable. The block is cast with different percentages of fly ash (16.8%), GGBS (5.2%), slag sand (19.2%), manufactures sand (12.8%), coarse Aggregate (35%), Alkaline solution (6%), Water (5%). The tests on specimen conducted are compressive strength, water absorption test, and dimension test on respective ambient/oven curing of 3 and 7 days. The cost estimation is also done for the geopolymer concrete block. The blocks produced are found to be high in strength, cost effective, durable and sustainable as compared to conventional cement concrete blocks and thus it makes them to use commercially in construction industry.