Abstract :

The present work surveys the research work published in the field of sisal fiber reinforced polymer composites with special reference to the properties of sisal fiber, processing techniques, mechanical properties of the composites. Interest is warranted due to the advantages of these materials compared to others, such as synthetic fiber composites, including low environmental impact and low cost and support their potential across a wide range of application. The advantages of natural fiber over traditional reinforcing materials such as glass fiber, talc and mica are acceptable specific strength properties, low lost, low density, high toughness, good thermal properties and biodegradability. The combination of sisal fiber and glass fiber for reinforcing epoxy polymers gives enhanced mechanical properties. The work deals with the utilization of sisal fiber and glass fiber reinforcement in polymer. The objective of the work is to compute mechanical properties such as tensile and hardness of randomly oriented sisal fiber and glass fiber reinforced epoxy composites. In this work, sisal fiber % weight is varied from 2 to 8 with constant 2% weight of glass fiber. From the work, it was found that ductility, modulus of elasticity and hardness gradually improved.