Abstract :

Nowadays, shopping malls (supermarkets) are almost developed with much technological advancement. A shopping mall is mall where we get different items like glass items, toys, kitchen sets ,groceries, decorative items and so many. Lots of people like to shop because of attractions like discounts, home delivery and so on. People have to wait in long queues especially on weekends and customer has to patiently wait for his turn. This is a time-wasting process due to the busy schedule of people and feels bored and are not happy by the services provided in billing counter. To avoid these problems we have introduced an effective and highly advance system which also helps us during COVID-19 period: an effective way for social distancing. In order to tackle this unique problem for customers especially in billing the system proposed is Smart trolley as when the items are put it gets scanned and purchased item and its amount displayed parallel on LCD automatically. It uses RFID technology which can scan huge no items and saves valuable time of customers as well as shopping mall.