Abstract :

The biopolymer production with carbon and nitrogen sources plays a significant role as the biodegradable plastics. In the present study, eight bacterial strains were isolated from the milk waste amended in soil. The strains were identified on the basis of their morphological, cultural, physiological and biochemical characteristics. The identified strains are Bacillus species, Sporosarcina species, Pseudomonas species, Alcaligenes species, Azospirillum species, Xylophilus species and Acinetobacter species. Among the eight isolated strains, Acinetobacter species showed the highest PHB (Polyhydroxybutyrate) yield and it was obtained in carbon and nitrogen sources especially in 3 g of glucose and 1.5 g of peptone when compared to other carbon and nitrogen sources. From the purified, lyophilized sample, the Acinetobactor species showed the maximum yield of biomass and measured 0.027gm.