Abstract :

Water is one of the most important systems formed by the interaction of a community of organisms. It is necessary for the best adaption to the environment of all living things plant or animal life. Environmental pollutants originating from diverse sources have been known to possess adverse values capable of degrading the ecological integrity of aquatic environment. The industrial effluents textile industry is one of the major sources of industrial effluents affecting the environment. The aim of the present study is to assess the quality of water in river Cauvery. The sampling was carried out in discharge point of dying process from the three different sites such as Samayasangili (S1), Agaragharam (S2) and Puthan santhapettai (S3) located Pallipalayam Town of Namakkal District,Tamilnadu. The variation in physiochemical characteristics of water samples was analyzed. The interpretation of data has been made with the help of Pearson correlation analysis (Bivariate Pearson correlation and 2-tailed flag significant at the 0.01 and 0.05 levels were analyzed) was done by using SPSS statistical tools. Our study revealed that site 3 Puthansanthapettai was more polluted than site 2 Agaraharam. This may due to discharge of pollutant by number of industries that may result in many waterborne diseases and other environmental problems including loss of fish species diversity.