Abstract :

The increasing fossil fuel prices due to demand for electricity and increasing environmental changes have revitalized the idea to move towards the renewable energy sources. The solar photovoltaic module is one of the most sustainable and effective system. Solar Photovoltaic (PV) cells can absorb only 70-80% incident solar radiations however only small amount of this incident energy converted into electricity. The remainder energy increases the temperature of PV cell. When the temperature of a PV increases, electrical efficiency of PV system decreases. The current review and study focus the use of Phase Change Material (PCM) with different combinations and configurations for improving electrical and thermal performance of system. Using Phase Change Material (PCM) as passive method of cooling is one of the most challenges tools to reduce and regulate the temperature of PV panel. In this paper overview of some systems like PV-PCM, PV- Combined PCM, PV- PCM - thermoelectric (TE), concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV) - PCM are well discussed. The PCM cooling gives measurable temperature drop of PV panel and then proportionally increases in electrical efficiency. Future areas and scope of PV-PCM research also discussed in this paper.