Abstract :

Textile industrial waste water was difficult to be treated by conventional processes as most of the pollutants were non-biodegradable and were toxic. This paper reviewed Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs) like calcium hypochlorite; UV radiation and their combination with coagulant polymer, sand filtration, activated carbon filter (ACF), and fine filtration for treatment efficiencies for remediation of textile wastewater. The paper revealed that the treatment efficiencies of various options depend on the characteristics of the wastewater to be treated. The final result showed that 40ppm Calcium hypochlorite with 15 minutes retention time after coagulation and sand filter treatment process, followed by activated carbon filter and fine filter gives 95.1% reduction of total turbidity, 69.2% reduction of COD, 76% reduction of BOD, 81.29% reduction of TDS, and 84% reduction of color.