Abstract :

The Geopolymer concrete is under research since more than a decade now. With the improvement in understanding the behavior of geopolymer concrete through many researches certainly makes the geopolymer concrete as a replacement for the conventional concrete particularly in precast industry. The present research paper is aiming to use the geopolymer concrete using manufactured fine aggregate paver at two different curing conditions 7 days ambient curing and 24 hours oven curing at 60 OC. An attempt has been made to use the geopolymer concrete in the medium traffic condition. The minimum grade of concrete to be used in medium traffic condition as per IS15658-2006 is M40. To meet the suitability, trial mixes are prepared for M40 geopolymer grade concrete under varying curing conditions to check the dry density, water absorption, compressive strength, flexural strength and abrasion resistance properties. The experimental study justifies that the variation in the compressive strength by oven curing is 20% higher than the ambient curing with limited variation in flexural strength. It can be concluded that, irrespective of curing condition the designed mix suits the desired specification.