Abstract :

The determinant of an innovation led organization is by and large conspicuous by its climate of implementation. An organization like Fraunhofer Society in Germany with over 25,000 full time scientists and with an overall budget of 2.2 Billion Euros still places its main emphasis in structural freedom and the freedom of implementation to its skilled workforce. Innovation in a technology or process incorporates the developer’s awareness, selection &adoption techniques, mainly during the implementation phase the whole team increases its skills. It is the freedom of implementation that successful organizations prioritize than the main research or methodology emphasis, allocation of resources and project management. The essential guiding principles that lead to strategic planning for an innovation context are individual motivation, superior motivation and coordination. The Fraunhofer society focuses mainly on research impact in “Business” relevant thematic and businesses are directly linked to Innovation. In this article, the author will focus on the details of the innovation in a department focussing on holistic technology process with-in Fraunhofer that was developed for a new market. The author will additionally highlight the associated innovation development process required for the project. In the assumption of the organization being a world leader in innovation and its reputation being outstanding, the author will list the main obstacles and resistance faced in the innovation journey.