Abstract :

In today’s technology, the usage of Additive Manufacturing (AM) in the medical field is rapidly growing everywhere around the world. Additive Manufacturing technology makes easier production of dental and orthopedic parts in which the geometry of the product varies among patients. In this review, we briefly discussed the materials and methods involved in AM used to fabricate a prosthesis in dentistry and orthopedics. Polymeric, metallic and ceramic-based materials processed via AM plays a real-time application in medical sciences. We discussed in detail about the list of AM processes used for fabrications of implants in dentistry and orthopedics. We also included the characterization techniques used in additively manufactured nanocomposites and difficulties in testing. The paper gives the state-of-the-art study of Additive Manufacturing in medical implant synthesis using polymeric nanocomposites. Multidisciplinary research is required to fully utilize the AM methods for biomedical applications.