Abstract :

Single crystals of (6-hydroxy-8-(2-hydroxyphenyl)-9-nitro-2,3,4,8-tetrahydro-1H-pyrido [1,2-a]pyrimidin-7-yl)(1H-indol-3-yl)methanone. were grown by slow evaporation method and X-ray diffraction analysis reveals monoclinic C2/c space group with unit cell dimensions of a = 34.9435(13) Å, b= 8.8855(3) Å, c= 15.0694(6) Å and β= 95.591(1)o. The pyrimidine ring (N3-N4/C12-C15) makes dihedral angle of 68.08(9)o with the phenyl ring (C18-C23). Crystal data were collected using BRUKER SMART APEX II CCD X-ray diffractometer. The structure was solved by direct method and refined on F2 by full-matrix least-squares procedure to the final R1 of 0.041 using SHELXL programs.