Abstract :

The present research examined to develop thermal radiations mitigation and stealth textiles that could protect the objects from detection by various sensors in the wide spectral range. In this research, samples of dyed long stable Egyptian cotton fabric made from Giza 86 which can conceal the object both in the visible (VIS) (380nm-780nm) and near infrared (NIR) (780nm –1200nm) radiation spectral range were developed and investigated. The fabric samples treated with different concentrations of chlorophyll extracted from fresh spinach leaves which acts as natural dye in combination with ZnO nanoparticles and were used to achieve these characteristics. Estimation of chlorophyll content, color measurements of the treated fabric, and chlorophyll thermal mitigation and stealth behavior was tested and evaluated. The results showed noticeable changes of color intensity and significant influence on the spectral reflectance in the VIS-NIR range. We believe that the results of this study would be applicable to developing high performance thermal mitigating smart textile, and also thermal stealth military uniforms powered by recovered waste heat from available sources.