Abstract :

To date, thin film deposition with low cost technique and desired process parameters has been intensively studied. The cost effective sol-gel spin coating has been widely used for the deposition of different types of elements in thin film form. ZnO thin films can also deposit with the application of this technique. The prepared solution led to deposit high crystalline ZnO thin films without annealing at elevated temperature. The crystal structure of deposited films was characterized by X-ray diffraction technique. Narrowed and high intensity diffraction peak at 34.4° clearly indicated that the films exhibit hexagonal wrutzite structure of ZnO. The optical properties of these films were typically studied using UV-vis NIR double beam spectrophometer, the optical transmittance in the visible region was more than 90% and showed sharp absorption edge. SEM images showed earth warm like wrinkle surface. The four probe method revealed electrical resistivity of 1. 4 Ω cm.