Abstract :

This paper aims to study eco-textile dyeing of long stable Egyptian cotton fabric of Giza 86 and Giza 90 with natural dye turmeric. Mordanting was done by three different techniques namely Pre-mordanting, simultaneous-mordanting and after-mordanting at the time of dyeing using tannic acid as natural mordant. Fabrics were also dyed using ferrous sulphate as mineral mordant to compare with natural mordant samples. Treated fabric samples were tested for their dyeing performance in terms of (K/S, L, a, b, C, H) and fastness properties (wash, perspiration (acidic and alkaline), and light). The obtained results showed improvement of the cotton samples properties in per-treatment using tannic acid and gave a deeper shade than the other samples. These results were very important in industrial application for the production of Egyptian cotton textile with low cost.