Abstract :

Focus of the article is to study the influence of gas adsorption on the surface photovoltage in phthalocyanine coated TiO2 thin film by studying the application of Liver Diseases. To realize this application, initially we have deposited thin film of TiO2 on ITO substrate by spray pyrolysis method and functionalized them with Phthalocyanine. Also, we studied the work function changes in the ambience of air and Triethylamine (TEA) gas medium using scanning Kelvin probe in dark and white light conditions. Triethylamine gas is found to be one of the most prominent Volatile organic compounds (VOC), present quite higher in amount in exhaled breath of liver disease patients. The comparison of response and recovery of sensor has been made between non-functionalized TiO2 thin film and functionalized TiO2 film. The results of the present study provide valuable lookout and paves the way to devise a gas sensor towards the early detection of liver diseases.