Abstract :

The present competitive world is witnessing tremendous change in technology and its applications to the needs of mankind. The booming wireless technology IoT ( Internet of Things) has captured the greater share of such. The present work explores the application of such technology in developing an energy meter and that unit transmits the used energy units to the control center using IoT. This wireless energy metering and E billing for the domestic user overcome the manual reading of energy from the consumer meter and undue delays in billing as well as associated erroneous readings etc. The proposed unit consists of a Arduino controller with associated hardware and display unit to indicate the consumed energy in the users meter as well as interactive messages to the user regarding Tariff, usage pattern, conservation opportunities and probable load shedding etc. The user can set the required probable maximum limit of usage of energy unit and an alert message is received as the usage is reached or just after crossing. An encouraging message is sent to the user on saving specific block of energy leading to the conservation. The meter relay turns off the power on special condition like door lock (Non usage of power) and avoid un intended billing and possible theft. An interactive message is sent to the consumer regarding the same as when such abnormalities are detected. The IoT WiFi module transmits the usage information for the E billing process and avoids actual paper work and delayed payment etc. The meter tampering is also monitored in the proposed work. The system from the billing center send the message to the user mobile with bill amount and encourage online payments through E-Seva centers, Net-banking and even through mobile phones. This kind of interfaces is really needed for the smart grids. It will help to monitor centrally and proper load management can be done controlling the user’s consumption.