Abstract :

Nearly 60% of the world’s population and pharmaceuticals depends on natural plants as a source for treating human ailments. In this context, Ziziphus jujube has been called a multipurpose tree from time immemorial as it has immense medicinal and Phytopharmacological properties. The present study was involved in establishing the antimicrobial effect of the leaves, seeds, and fruits of Ziziphusjujuba. Hence, the crude extracts of different parts of the above-mentioned multipurpose tree had been tested to determine their antimicrobial nature against two gram-positive and five gramnegative bacterial species in which all the extracts showed more potent antibacterial activity against gram-negative bacterial species than gram-positive bacteria. The crude extracts obtained from the leaf, seeds and fruits of Ziziphus jujube were also tested to determine its antifungal activity against Candida albicans, Aspergillusniger, and Trichopytontonsurans. The results stated that all three crude extracts were effective against Candida albicans and Aspergillusniger when compared with Trichopytontonsurans.