Abstract :

The degradation of Methylene Blue dye using Talc/Fe3O4 nano composite material was studied. Talc/Fe3O4 nano composite material was successfully synthesized by co-precipitation method. The SEM, XRD,FT-IR,EDX studies were carried out for characterization of Talc/Fe3O4 Nano composite material. The XRD and SEM morphology indicates the Nano composite material has crystalline size 49.1nm and circular shape at higher magnifications respectively. The FT-IR showed the bonds between functional groups and FeO group, Si-O bending and vibration bonds. The presence of FeO, Fe, C, in nano composite material were confirmed by EDX .The Photo catalytic degradation studies were carried out for water soluble methylene blue (MB) dye by using Talc/Fe3O4 nano composite in aqueous solution. Different parameters like dye concentration, dosage of photo catalyst, contact time and pH were studied. It was observed that photo catalytic degradation by Talc/Fe3O4 nano composite is more effective. 87% degradation of MB dye at initial concentration 5ppm, photo catalytic dose 30mg, pH 9, and contact time of 150 min was observed.