Abstract :

Test was conducted to determine some physicochemical and microbiological parameters from samples of effluent collected from industrial and domestic sources. Corncob which till now is an agricultural waste in maize cultivation was used as an adsorbent. It is therefore a cost-effective method. These are carbon-based materials produced by carbonization and activation of Corncob. Among the parameters determined included: Chemical Oxygen (COD), Phosphate (PO43), Nitrate (NO3), Dissolve Oxygen (DO), Iron (Fe), Cadmium (Cd), pH, TA, Total Dissolved Oxygen (TDS), Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Total Hetertrophic Bacteria (THBC), Total Fungi Count (TFC), coli form and others. Results indicated that the effluent need further treatment as the treated samples were still not good for domestic use as some of the values were not within the permissible limits set by World Health Organization (WHO) and other regulatory agencies. However, the use of Corncob which hitherto is an agricultural waste for wastewater treatment is an improvement in water treatment.