Abstract :

The variation of casting thickness and solute content may play a significant role to alter the microstructure, thus, mechanical, creep and other properties. Therefore, the present work aims on the microstructural modification in terms of the length scale of the constituent phases and microstructure homogeneity in differently cast rods (Ø=2 mm, 3mm, and 5 mm) and ingots of (Ni0.92Zr0.08)100-xAlx (0 ≤ x ≤ 4 at.%) composites, which are finally correlated with the cooling rates. The composites are comprised of γ-Ni dendrites embedded on a eutectic matrix of γ-Ni and Ni5Zr lamellar phases. The secondary dendritic arm spacing (SDAS) and average eutectic lamellae thickness (λw) are refined from 6.00±0.9μmto 1.75±0.20 μm, and from 275±6 nm to 40±3 nm respectively with the variation of casting thickness. The rods are solidified under very rapid cooling rate upto 1.6×104K/s resulting very fine and homogeneous microstructure. The segregation effect is minimised in the smaller diameter rods resulting very uniform microstructure throughout the cast rods.