Volume -2, Issue -1  Jul 2015

Addiction remedy for Gaming Euphoria that causes Sudden death in Children – A Buster of Sweet Poison
Authors : Andrews Samraj,

The Video games are a happy entertainment for any person and makes them feel entertained, euphoria, and awe. When played in groups, it gives personal pride, feeling emotionally close to another player, surprise, curiosity, excitement, and wonder. Many of such video games give relief for a while during stressful situations by the effective engagement. But as any good medicine for health care...

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Preparation and Performance Study of Dye Sensitized Solar Cells Using Colorful Natural Dyes
Authors : Prabu K.M,Anbarasan P.M,

With the world heating towards a major fuel crisis (storage and cost), alternative sources of fuel has become a major research area recently, in almost all disciplines of science. The nuclear and hydrogen based posing problems for use, much attention has now been focused on other non-conventional energy like wind, water, geothermal and solar energy. NDSSCs show the most promising future due to...

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Green synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles using leaf extracts of common weeds: A case study from Lantana camera L. and Leucas aspera (Willd.) Link.
Authors : Sambandan K,Nagabalasubramanian P.B,Vijayalakshmi S,

The synthesis of metal and semiconductor nanoparticles is an expanding research area due to the potential applications for the development of novel technologies. There is an increasing commercial demand for nanoparticles due to their wide applicability in various fields such as electronics, catalysis, chemistry, energy, and medicine. One of the major challenges of current nanotechnology is to...

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Photocatalytic Activity of Plant Mediated Biosynthesized Silver Nano Particles using Methyl Blue under Natural Sunlight
Authors : Sathiya Priya R,Geetha D,Ramesh PS,

The photocatalytic response of the biosynthesized AgNPs from Pongamia pinnata, Psidium guajava and Carica papaya were studied. The performance of a photo decolorization reaction was determined by the quality and property of the photocatalyst. The photocatalytic activity of the synthesized AgNPs was examined by degradation of methylene blue under natural sunlight irradiation. The rate constant in...

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Quality Impact of Conventional and Organic Cotton of Egyptian Seed and Fiber of Giza 86 Variety
Authors : Salah M.Saleh,Abdel-Rahim EA,Ahmed SH,Abdel-Baset YA,

Two- year comparison between organic and conventional production on seed and fiber quality of the long stable variety of Egyptian cotton Giza 86 was studied. The results obtained revealed that the quality of organically grown cotton was equal to or better than conventionally grown cotton. Fineness and maturity values (Micronaire reading) for all the cultivars at 2012 and 2013 were satisfactory...

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Natural Dyes as Photosensitizers for Nanostructure Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Authors : Mozhgan Hosseinnezhad,Kamaladin Gharanjig,

Two different natural dyes containing anthocyanin extracted from cherry and beetroot from Iran. Spectrophotometric evaluations of the natural dyes in solution and on a TiO2 substrate were carried out in order to assess changes in the status of the natural dyes. The results show that the natural dyes indicate blue shift on the TiO2 substrates. The chemical absorption of natural dyes present at the...

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Synthesis, Molecular Structure and Quantum Chemical Computational Interpretations on (E)-N’- (3, 4-Dimethoxy benzylidene)-Nicotinohydrazide Monohydrate by DFT-B3LYP and M02-2X level of Calculations; A Comparative Study
Authors : Govindarasu K,Kavitha E,Sundaraganesan N,Suresh M,Syed Ali Padusha M,

The solitary crystal of proficient novel Hydrazone derivative (E)-N’-(3,4-Dimethoxybenzylidene)-nicotinohydrazide monohydrate DMBNH∙H2O crystal has been grown, the growned crystal has been characterized through FTIR (4000-400 cm-1), FT-Raman (3500-50 cm-1), UV-Visible (200-800 nm) and single-crystal X-ray diffraction techniques. X-ray diffraction analysis indicates that DMBNH∙H2O...

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Tight Focusing Properties of Phase Modulated Azimuthally Polarized Beam with High NA Lens Axicon
Authors : Prabakaran K,Ramachandran S,Rajesh KB,Anbarasan PM,Aroulmoji V,


We study the focusing properties of phase modulated azimuthally polarized beam with high numerical aperture lens axicon system is investigated theoretically by vector diffraction theory. We observe that our proposed system generates a sub wavelength focal hole of 0.4λ having large uniform focal depth of 22λ. This kind of non diffracting focal hole is called dark channel, which may have...

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Preparation of Eco-Friendly Nanocotton by Ultrasonic Technique
Authors : Elgazery M,Salah M. Saleh,Saad HA,

A newly developed method for synthesized and characterized nanocotton extracted from linter (short fibers during the spinning processes from the Egyptian cotton long fibers) was investigated. Acid hydrolysis followed by mechanical pulverized and finally 20 KHz high power ultrasonic was used in synthesized of the nanocotton. Characterization of the prepared sample was confirmed, using particle...

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A Practical-Minded Teacher as a Blessing in Disguise to the Learners
Authors : Amalraj D,

Methodology of teaching varies from one teacher to another teacher. The one followed in Arts and Science Colleges is quite different from the one followed in Professional colleges. The guidelines of methodology can never be fruitful in practice and it is useful for those who come and teach the teachers how to take classes as per the guidelines. One should be very practical in teaching any...

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