Volume -10, Issue -1  Aug 2023

Preparation and Testing of Bast Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastic Composites under Chemical Treatment
Authors : Haydar U. Zaman,Ruhul A. Khan,


Thermoplastic polypropylene (PP) composites containing 10, 20, 30, and 40% wt% of calotropis gigantea fiber (CGF) were created in the current study using compression molding in the presence of alkaline pretreated CGF (ACGF), which was modified with aminopropyltrimethoxy silane (ACGF/AS) and tetramethoxyorthosilicate (ACGF/TS) as a silane coupling agent. The composites' CGF content has been...

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Effect of Naturally Occurring Hematite on Mechanical and Electrical Properties on Natural Rubber Composites
Authors : Franklin Anaele Opara,Chima Kenneth Oguzie,Henry Chinedu Obasi, ,Simeon Chukwudozie Nwanonenyi,,Chukwuemeka Emmanuel Odoala, ,Magdalene Nkeiru Akanbi,


The effect of naturally occurring hematite (α-Fe2O3) particles on composites based on natural rubber (NR) was investigated. The matrix was composed of 100g of NR, whereas α-Fe2O3 particles obtained from Kastina State in Nigeria were loaded in varying amounts of 3g, 5g and 7g. The compounding of the constituent materials was achieved with the aid of a two-roll mill in line with ASTM D15-627. The...

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 Field Application Study using Vermicompost, Rhizobium and Farm Yard Manure as Soil Supplements to Enhance Growth, Yield and Quality of Glycine max
Authors : M. Mohan,V. Aroulmoji,C. Vigneshwaran,M. Manohar,P. Ganesh,G.S. Vijayalakshmi,


Improving soil fertility for sustainable agriculture and crop production has received popular attention. The need to avoid food shortages for the growing population and achieve sustainable development goals is the first priority of researchers. To meet this challenge, importance is now being placed on the incorporation of organic manures for the rejuvenation of soil health and increased...

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Laser Plasma Interaction in Laser-based Accelerators with Self-focusing of Laser
Authors : Sanhita Paul,


Extreme light intensities can be produced by high-power lasers, but the requirement for huge beam diameters to prevent damage to optical components prevents future development. Plasma can support extremely brilliant radiation and can be used to create and manipulate light without causing damage to solid materials. In order to create extremely high acceleration gradients for accelerators,...

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On Optimization of Manufacturing of Field-effect Transistors in the Framework of a Switch to Increase their Integration rate-On Influence Mismatch-induced Stress
Authors : E.L. Pankratov,


In this article, we describe a method to increase the density of field-effect transistors in the framework of an absorptive single pole single-throw switch. In the framework of the approach, we consider the manufacturing of inverters in heterostructure with specific configuration. Several required areas of the heterostructure should be doped by diffusion or ion implantation. After that, the...

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Thermodynamic Properties and Drying Kinetics of Potato Slices using Hot Air Drying
Authors : N.J. Edeani,K.A. Eze ,M.M. Chukwu ,


Potatoes are important foodstuffs all over the world. The influence of slice thickness and varying temperatures on potatoes was studied during oven drying. This work on thin layer drying was carried out between 60oC and 80oC at different slice thicknesses of 0.4cm 0.6cm and 0.8cm. The sliced samples were pre-treated with 0.5% sodium meta bisulphite solution for five minutes and oven-dried at...

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Performance Assessment of a Portable Improved            Bio-Ethanol Gel Clean-Cook stove
Authors : Nwadinobi Chibundo Princewill,Nwachukwu Udochi Charles,Uzor Stanley Ekene,


This article presents the potential of gel ethanol fuel to reduce indoor emissions using an improved clean cook stove. The performance of the fabricated stove was analyzed. This was based on the fuel efficiency, and environmental and human health impacts during utilization of bio-ethanol gel fuel and the developed stove. The improved bio-ethanol gel cookstove developed was compared with two other...

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Seismic Response of Pile Foundation at Wolaita Sodo Converter Station
Authors : H.A. Abegaze,H. F. Gebregziabher,


This paper is aimed at analyzing the effects of seismic load on piles supporting the electric transmission towers erected between Ethiopia and Kenya. Due to the significance of the project, failure of the foundations shall be avoided and analyzing the lateral response of piles is crucial. To carry out the dynamic analyses, ground motion analyses were executed and a peak ground acceleration of...

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Development of Twin Model for the Bioremediation of Crude Oil Sludge Contaminated Soil
Authors : Chika Onu ,C.I.O. Kamalu,J.C. Obijaku,M.S. Nwakaudu,E.E. Anyanwu,


Twin mathematical models were developed for substrate reduction and biomass increase respectively. The analytical solution of the twin models gave a sigmoidal substrate decline curve and a sigmoidal biomass increase curve respectively. The developed models aided the monitoring and prediction of crude oil sludge degradation in soil by the activities of stimulated biomass. The solution of the twin...

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Brain Tumor Classification from Magnetic Resonance Images using Routing Agreement Algorithm
Authors : K. Saranya,S. Sumathi,


Cancer is the world's most common disease and the second biggest cause of mortality among humans. Brain tumors are protracted forms of cancer due to their aggressive nature, varied features, and dismal relative survival. Pretreatment, segmentation, and detection of infected tumor regions utilizing magnetic resonance (MR) images is a big issue, and radiologists or clinical personnel must complete...

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AkwaIbom (Iba Oku) Clay as Extender Pigment in Formulation of Anti-Corrosive Alkyd Paints for Saline Medium
Authors : Chima Kenneth Oguzie,Simon Chukwudozie Nwanonenyi,Simon Ikechukwu Ichetaonye,Franklin Anaele Opara ,Annuncieta Chukwudumebi Njoku,


Akwaibom (Iba Oku clay) was employed as a pigment extender to produce alkyd paints with mild steel-friendly anti-corrosive properties. 0.075 mm of this clay particles were employed as extender contents ranging from 0 to 80.0 weight percent. Reference alkyd paint was produced with titanium dioxide, and xylene. Main ingredients found in this clay in wt.%, where silica (58.19), alumina (35.35),...

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Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Storage Tanks Boil-off Gas Generation and Management
Authors : Nwadinobi Chibundo Princewill,Kanu Allwell Ubasom,Ononogbo Chibuike,


This study is to review works on Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) storage tanks, in order to assess boil-off gas generation and management. Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is used as fuel in heating appliances, cooking equipment, and vehicles. It also powers many business and agricultural processes. In Nigeria, LPG is becoming more useful, especially now that the government is positioning LPG as an...

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Review on Biocomposite Application in Waste Water Remediation
Authors : Mejeh Kingsley Ikechukwu,Olisa Yemi Philips,Okpala Alexander Nwachukwu,


This research discusses the utilization of natural coagulants and adsorbents as eco-friendly substitutes for chemical coagulants in water treatment. It examines the effectiveness of both plant-based and non-plant-based products in this regard. Additionally, the study explores the advantages, constraints, future possibilities, and economic considerations associated with the use of natural...

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 Fuzzy wg**- Connectedness in Fuzzy Topological Spaces
Authors : Satyamurthy V Parvatkar,Kiran Potadar,Basayya B Mathad,


The aim of this paper is to introduce a new class of Fuzzy sets, namely the wg**-closed fuzzy set for Fuzzy topological spaces. This new class properly lies between the class of closed Fuzzy set and the class of wg-closed fuzzy set, we also introduce the application of wg**-closed fuzzy sets, the concept of fuzzy wg**-connectedness in Fuzzy topological spaces, and their properties are...

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Tight Focusing of a higher order Radially Polarized                sinh-Gaussian beam Transmitting through Cosine Phase Plate
Authors : R. Vijay Kumar,K. Prabakaran,K.B. Rajesh,A. Mohamed Musthafa,V. Aroulmoji,


The tight focusing of a double ring-shaped radially polarized sinh Gaussian beam with a cosine phase plate is studied on the basis of the vector diffraction theory. Under a high-NA focusing condition, the strong longitudinal component forms a sharper spot at the focal point for both fundamental mode (R-TEM01*) beams and higher-order, radially polarized mode beams. Due to destructive interference...

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