Volume -9, Issue -4  May 2023

Synthesis and Application of Novel Di-functional Polymer Building Blocks based on Cashew Nut Shell Liquid
Authors : Joseph Mauck,Chetan Tambe,Pietro Campaner,Fernanda Tavares,Yun Mi Kim,Anbu Natesh,


Cardanol (3-pentadecenyl-phenol), well-known non-edible natural oil obtained as a by-product of the Cashew Industry, represents a valid alternative to petro-based derivatives, thanks to its peculiar chemical structure. When selected as raw material in the synthesis of epoxy curing agents or polyols and diols for polyurethane applications, cardanol can impart unique benefits, like chemical...

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Study of TEC Depletion during Low Solar Activity Periods of 23rd and 24th Solar Cycle at Crest of Indian EIA Region
Authors : Surabhi Sahu,Richa Trivedi,Amit Jain,Sudhir Jain,


The Total Electron Content (TEC) depletion near the equatorial ionization anomaly crest region in the Indian ionospheric sector has been analyzed during the year March 2005 to February 2006, and May 2016 to August 2017, low solar activity periods of 23rd and 24th solar cycle respectively. TEC data from March 2005 to February 2006 is recorded by GPS Ionospheric Scintillation and TEC Monitor...

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On optimization of Manufacturing Transistors in Wideband Current Amplifier with DC-offset Cancellation to Increase their Integration Rates
Authors : E.L. Pankratov,


In this paper, we introduce an approach to increase the density of field-effect transistors in the framework of a wideband current amplifier with DC-offset cancellation. In the framework an approach we consider in the manufacturing of inverter in heterostructure with specific configuration. Several required areas in the heterostructure should be doped such as diffusion or ion implantation. After...

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An Overview on Properties and uses of Bhendi Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites
Authors : Haydar U. Zaman,Ruhul A. Khan,


In today's fast-paced culture, issues like the environment, ecology, and new regulations from the government are important worries. Researchers and scientists are therefore looking for renewable and biodegradable natural fiber reinforced composites. Natural fibers over synthetic fibers have clear advantages, such as low density, equivalent strength, non-toxicity, low cost, and minor waste...

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Biological Databases and Resources: Their Engineering and Applications in Synthetic Biology
Authors : Divya Sindhu,Saurabh Sindhu,


Biological sciences pose a unique set of engineering challenges due to incomplete understanding of natural biological systems. Currently, sequencing of macromolecules i.e., DNA (deoxyribose nucleic acid) and proteins obtained from living cells has provided significant information, which is available in different database repositories. These databases comprising of genomic sequences and amino...

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Assessment of Different Seed Enhancement Techniques on Seed Viability and Storability Potential of Pigeon Pea    (Cajanus cajan millsp) Genotypes
Authors : Olufelo Joseph Olusola,Alegiledoye Abiodun Oladimeji,Eze Chinedu Norbert,


Rapid germination is very important for better plant growth and development under stress condition. Presence of hard seed coats, seed borne pathogens and unfavorable environmental condition hinder the normal seedling establishment in legumes. Earlier seed enhancement is mainly achieved through synthetic and plant growth regulators which are not environmental friendly. To evaluate the efficacy...

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Design and Analysis of Alternative Coating Bio-Material          for Gas Turbine Engine Blade for High Temperature      Aerospace Application
Authors : Prithviraj Kandekar,Akshay Acharya,Basangouda Patil,Aakash Chatta,Arun Y Patil,Shridhar Mathad ,


Airways play an important role in transportation in the new era of transport. The engine part must withstand a lot of heat and force for such long travel hours. Engine compressor blades are one such component, in which blades undergo a temperature change. This change in temperature causes the material to wear out as time passes. In the modern age of transport, airways play a major role in...

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Phytoremediation Potential of Glycine max L and Empty Palm Fruit Bunch Ash (Potash) in soils co-contaminated with Chromium and Anthracene
Authors : O.U. Nwosu,


Phytoremediation is an assuring technology for the remediation of sites polluted with inorganic and organic contaminants. The present study assessed the remediation potential of Glycine max L in a co-contaminated soil with Chromium and anthracene and the effects of potash applied as amendments. Soils were contaminated with potassium chromate salt and anthracene at one level (100mg/kg of...

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A Conceptual Review of Electrical Power               Generation Processes
Authors : Nwadinobi Chibundo Princewill,Nwakwuribe Victor Chimaoge,Kanu Allwell Ubasom,Inyama Kelechi,


The article presents a conceptual overview of power generation systems. Electricity is probably the most versatile energy carrier in modern economies and is therefore fundamentally linked to human and economic development. Therefore, electricity deserves special attention due to its contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions, which is reflected in the continuous development of low-emission...

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Isolation and Characterization of Potential Bacterial Pathogens from Cyprinus carpio to find out the Impact of Water Pollution
Authors : M. Manohar,M. Mohan,V. Aroulmoji,C. Vigneshwaran,P. Rekha,P. Ganesh,


The most important fish pathogen is Aeromonas hydrophila (syn. A.liquifaciens, A.formicans), and this group is often referred to A.hydrophila complex. The prevalence of bacterial pathogen occurs in organically polluted waters. Predisposing risk factors include high temperature, overcrowding, organic pollution, and hypoxia. Motile aeromonads often invade skin wounds, commonly with water molds or...

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Application of the Function in Basic Mathematics
Authors : Laxmi Rathour,Dragan Obradovic,Lakshmi Narayan Mishra,Kejal Khatri,Vishnu Narayan Mishra,


The concept of function is one of the fundamental mathematical concepts, very important within mathematics itself as well as in the application of mathematics. Functions are an essential element of mathematical structuring and modeling of problems (e.g.in algebraic structures), as well as a means of comparing structures thus obtained (eg homomorphisms of structures). A mathematical function is a...

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Separation Modeling and Simulation of Acetone and Acetic acid Mixtures by Pervaporation Process
Authors : R. Jokar,M. Kazemi Moghadam,M.J. Gandomi,


The evaporation process is to separate the mixtures by partial evaporation inside the membrane. In this research, a mathematical model has been developed by considering mass and momentum transfer to model dehydration through the process of evaporation and evaporation. This process involves removing water from the liquid mixture (water / acetic acid and water / acetone) using a dense polymer...

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