Abstract :

The article presents a conceptual overview of power generation systems. Electricity is probably the most versatile energy carrier in modern economies and is therefore fundamentally linked to human and economic development. Therefore, electricity deserves special attention due to its contribution to global greenhouse gas emissions, which is reflected in the continuous development of low-emission power generation technologies. The main objective of this overview of power generation technologies is to provide more technical information than usual in global assessments and to capture the latest insights from the literature. This work reports technologies such as: hydroelectric, nuclear, wind, photovoltaic, concentrated solar, geothermal, and biomass. This selection is quite representative of technologies that are important in terms of their potential contribution to a global carbon economy. In addition, the combination of conventional energy with other sources, in particular renewable energy sources, is examined. This report systematically examines the literature on the energy sources and renewable energy potential, resulting in an overview of the potentials.