Abstract :

Distribution transformers are one of the most important equipment in power system network. Because of the large numbers of transformers are widely used in the power system, Therefore the data acquisition and monitoring is important issue in the large distribution network. The main objective of this proposed work is that distribution transformer monitoring and controlling through IoT technology. The signal is sent to control room using a IOT technique interfaced with WI FI connectivity. When the power supply is interrupted due to faults in the one transformer then load sharing is done on the other transformer through IoT technology, If any deviation in the operational parameter or any disturbance occurs, the system sends SMS (short message service) messages to the mobile phones containing information about the deviation according to some predefined instructions programmed in the micro controller to safeguard the transformer against technical problems like over working temperature, low oil level and over load. At present man power is employed and there is no accuracy, safety and reliability for distribution of power supply. Therefore proposed work is designed efficiently to overcome these problems using IoT technology.