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As the very name indicates, International Journal of Advanced Science and Engineering is a journal across the world. The main intention behind the journal is to cater to the specific needs of industrial professionals, academicians and researchers in the fields of Science and Technology. IJASE publishes articles, reviews and letters to the editors pertaining to the fields of Science, Engineering and Technology   Find out more

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Articles in Press

Novel Cycloaliphatic Cashew Nut Shell Liquid Derivatives and their use as Isocyanate Protective Groups

Ammonium persulphate initiated graft copolymerization of aniline onto chitosan-A comparative kinetic study

Onintuitionistic fuzzy-I-open sets,intuitionistic fuzzy semi-I-open sets anda decomposition of intuitionistic fuzzy-I-continuity

Synthesis and Characterization of Ferric Chloride doped Zinc Sulphide Nanoparticles through Chemical Precipitation Method

Applying Simulation Technique ofVapor-Compression Refrigeration

Solving a Demand-Supply Mismatch by Enabling a Value Chain Orientation

Hydrogels for Textile Applications - Review

On Optimization of Manufacturing of Instrumentation Amplifier Input Bias Circuitry to Increase Density of Elements

Physico-Chemical Properties of Nicotine and Nicotine Inhibitor Mixtures in Aqueous Solution and the Role of Water in their Taste

Novel Approach to Increase Integration Rate of Elements in the Telescopic Amplifier Circuit

Internet of Things (IoT) and its Precedence in Global Logistics - Review

Current Issue

Volume - 7, Issue - 3   February 2021

Consumer Perception of Environmentally Friendly Antimicrobial Textiles: a case study from India
Authors : Prabhuraj D. Venkatraman, Usha Sayed, Sneha Parte, Swati Korgaonkar,

The recent global pandemic and an increasing awareness for hygiene led to changes in consumers’ behaviour towards their health and wellbeing. Owing to growing consumers’ knowledge on the environmental impact of textiles, especially those who are health conscious and... Read More

Use of Hen Feathers as a Potential Biosorbent for the Removal of Malachite Green
Authors : Polimetla Jeremiah Sunadh, V. Sridevi, P. Joel Joy, P. James Joy,

Waste material, hen feather, a biosorbent was successfully utilized in removing a water-soluble hazardous Malachite Green Dye. The study incorporates the effect of parameters time, initial concentration, adsorbent dosage, pH, temperature. The adsorption data validates up... Read More

 Novel Approach to Increase Integration Rate of Elements in the Telescopic Amplifier Circuit
Authors : E.L. Pankratov,

In this paper we introduce an approach to increase integration rate of field-effect transistors framework of a telescopic amplifier. Framework the approach we consider a heterostructure with special configuration. Several specific areas of the heterostructure should be... Read More

 A Review on Harmful Effects of Phenolic Antioxidants– Zebrafish as a Potential Model to Evaluate Toxicity
Authors : Lam Sudha Rani, Veluru Sridevi, Sri Himaja Pamu, Dimisulu Priyanka, Venkat Rao Poiba ,

The synthetic phenolic antioxidants (SPAs) are widely used as an additives in food, cosmetic and plastic industries to increase the tenability. These antioxidants are degraded into mammals, yet as into the environment like river and water. for instance the common intake... Read More

 Synthesis and Characterization of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles Using  Justicia Adhatoda Leaf Extract
Authors : V. Karthika, V. Ramya, V Kalaiselvi, S. Shanmathi,

Nanotechnology is one of the leading scientific fields since it combines knowledge from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, Informatics and Engineering. In the present study, zinc oxide nanoparticles are synthesized using Justicia Adhatoda leaf extract as reducing as... Read More

Application of Herbs for Wound Dressings - Review
Authors : Usha Sayed, Ishika Deshmukh ,

A dressing is a sterile pad or compress applied to a wound to promote healing and protect the wound from further damage. Wounds are defined as self healing process but chronic wounds needs better handling and care from different parameters like moist conditions,... Read More

Numerical Simulation of Novel Hybrid Solid  Desiccant Bed for Drying
Authors : Selvaraji Muthu, N. Sekarapandian,

In this paper, a novel design of hybrid stationary packed solid desiccant bed is proposed and numerical simulation of the performance for drying of gases is presented. The pro-posed hybrid packed beds is consists of a mixture of solid desiccants of different types having... Read More

Synthesis and Characterization of Pure Nanosilver, Pineapple and Fig Capped Nanosilver with Potential as Smart Biomaterials for In-Vitro Studies
Authors : T. Poornidevi, P. Anitha,

Smart biomaterials materialize biomaterials as enzymes, polymers, materials and that are widely used in drug delivery and in biomedical applications. Enzymes bromelain and ficin are form of smart biomaterials present only in pineapple and fig. In the present study, pure... Read More

On Intuitionistic Fuzzy Soft Ideal Topological Spaces
Authors : Fadhil Abbas,

In this paper, we introduce the notion of intuitionistic fuzzy soft ideal in intuitionistic fuzzy soft set theory. Also we introduce the concept of intuitionistic fuzzy soft local function. These concepts are discussed with a view to find new intuitionistic fuzzy soft... Read More

Compatibility of L-ideals with L-topologies
Authors : Fadhil Abbas,

In this paper, we introduce the notion of L-ideal in L-set theory.Also we introduce the concept of L-local function.These concepts are discussed with a view to find new L-topologies from the original one. The basic structure, especially a basis for such generated... Read More

Optimization of Schmitt Trigger Delay Element based on Heterostructures to Increase density of their Elements during Manufacturing - Influence of Mismatch induced stress
Authors : E.L. Pankratov,

: In this paper, we introduce an approach to increase density of field-effect transistors framework Schmitt trigger delay element. Framework the approach we consider manufacturing of the inverter in heterostructure with specific configuration. Several required areas of... Read More

Artificial Intelligence for Smart Solar Power Irrigation–Comprehensive Review
Authors : S. Sumathi, S. Krishnan,

The paper presents a comparative study of different performance prediction of solar photovoltaic systems that could be simply and efficiently used by artificial intelligence techniques. We have plenty of sunlight, but scarcity of water to carry out plantation farming... Read More

Special Issue (Recent)

International Conference on Current Trends in Materials Science and Engineering 2019

Last Update : 27 Jan 2020
Authors : Arka Dey, Samit Kumar Ray

In the present study, ZnSe nanoparticles (NPs) have been successfully synthesized via a hydrothermal process. Sample characterization has been done using Powder X-ray diffraction, UV–Vis spectroscopy, and Field emission scanning electron microscopy. ZnSe NPs show significant optical absorption in the visible light range and the direct optical energy bandgap has... Read More

Authors : Anushree Dutta, Dyutiman Barman, Utkarsh Sinha, Jayanta Das

The variation of casting thickness and solute content may play a significant role to alter the microstructure, thus, mechanical, creep and other properties. Therefore, the present work aims on the microstructural modification in terms of the length scale of the constituent phases and microstructure homogeneity in differently cast rods (Ø=2... Read More

Authors : Kriti R Sahu, Ashish K Mishra, D. Sanyal, Thomas Wolf, A. Banerjee, V. Ganesan, Udayan De

High Temperature Superconductivity (HTSC) with Superconducting Critical Temperature (Tc) up to 56 K in Fe Pnictides/Chalcogenide compounds baffled the classical idea that magnetic ions like Fe destroy superconductivity. These Fe-superconductors appear to be better than Cu-oxide HTSCs for making superconducting wires, considering the easier fabricability for Fe-HTSCs, for magnet and... Read More

Authors : M. P. Samantaray, S.S. Sarangi

Metal nano-clusters (NCs) exhibit unique and interesting thermodynamic behaviour as compared to single molecule as well as bulk materials. Classical Molecular Dynamics (MD) simulations with Modified Embedded Atom Method (MEAM) model has been carried out in order to study the melting phenomena of Silver (Ag) NCs. Two NCs consisting of... Read More

Authors : Sudipta Sen, Nabin Baran Manik

In this paper, we have studied the effect of 8 nm sized multi walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNT) on the barrier height (ϕ_b) of ITO coated glass/Malachite Green (MG) dye /Aluminium (Al) based organic device. Presence of 8 nm MWCNT reduces the metal-organic interfacial barrier height as it enhances the charge... Read More

Authors : Swarupa Ojha, Madhab Roy, Anil Chamuah, Koyel Bhattacharya , Sanjib Bhattacharya

Electrical relaxation of xAg2S – (1-x) (0.5S – 0.5Te) chalcogenide glassy system has been studied in the frequency range from 42Hz to 5Mz and temperature range from 433K to 523K. Dielectric constant and dielectric loss exhibit frequency and temperature dependency. Attempts have been made to analyse dielectric relaxation data using... Read More

Authors : Sanketh Ramachandra, Anindya Deb, Purushothama Chippar

Battery powered electric vehicles which can be considered as affordable for a common buyer suffer from severe range limitation and have a substantial charging time which are preventing such vehicles from competing with or replacing current internal combustion engine-based vehicles. An electric motor-propelled vehicle powered by a hydrogen fuel cell... Read More

Authors : Kamalika Banerjee

The living world faces serious threat from the water pollution caused by heavy metal contamination in water. Specially, long term exposure to heavy metals has been found to lead to severe health hazards. Costly methods of removal of heavy metals from waste water may be replaced by cheap... Read More

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